Choosing The Right Pairs Of Binoculars

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The major application of a Binocular is to see the distant small objects in detail. But choosing binoculars is a tricky job.

How to find out the right pair of binocular for your application?

This article will focus on this point and binocular tips noted here will be useful for you to choose the right binocular.
A short synopsis about Binoculars

If you want to buy a binocular for you, you should know the technicalities of a binocular

Binocular is an optical instrument. Two small telescopes are mounted side by side for left eye and right eye. Since, there are separate lenses for each eye; you will be able to see three -dimensional view of an object.

The telescopes in binoculars have prisms. These prisms will increase the length of the light path which increases magnification ratio of binocular. Due to this magnification property of a binocular, you can see a distant object bigger.

The selection of a right binocular depends on the choice of its two important parameters, aperture and magnification. These two parameters are exactly opposite in characters.
You can get brighter and sharper image through bigger aperture, but in that case, magnification will fall. If you want a larger magnification, image clarity will be spoiled.

So, you cannot get both. If you want top class image clarity, magnification has to be sacrificed and the reverse is also true.
So, you have to make compromise between the two. Thus choice of a binocular depends on your application.
The choice will depend on the applications and free ratings of a binocular.

Binoculars are used for a wide variety of applications. We have made a list with selection criteria for some major applications.

General Purpose Binoculars
These are mostly used for domestic purposes and to see Sports events in Stadiums. You can also watch night sky and flying birds. These types of Binoculars have a viewing distance of few hundred meters. The magnification of these binoculars is generally of the range of 7-8x.

Birding & Hunting Binoculars
These Binoculars have a higher magnification factor of the range of 8-10x. Here the object is small and sometimes hidden in grass. Since light is not a factor here, the aperture can be made smaller.

Marine Application
Choosing a binocular for marine application is a tough job. The binoculars have to cover very long distance and sometimes few kilometers. Marine people will have to spot floating people in sea waves from a long distance. Here vision clarity is not as important as you have to spot the objects only.

Astronomy purposes
Binoculars for astronomical purposes should have a magnification factor of the range of 10x and higher. Here also, clarity of the picture is not so important.

This list is just a guideline to assist you in selecting the right binocular for your specific applications. You have to study the Binocular ratings provided by the manufacturers. All Binocular manufacturers will provide technical specifications and product feature along with the binoculars. Happy buying!

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