Cheap Calls To Pakistan: The Options

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Those of us with friends and family living in Pakistan face a great challenge in keeping in touch with them. The telephone charges can be prohibitive even when limiting ourselves to short, infrequent calls. Today, people throughout the world are more connected than ever before. Yet those of us calling to Pakistan still face these difficulties. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a way to make cheap calls to Pakistan? Well, maybe there are. Let's examine some possibilities for making cheap calls to Pakistan.

1. Skype

Skype is a powerful tool for making cheap calls to Pakistan. It's a software application that you install on your home computer and then use it to make calls to landlines, mobile phones, and even other Skype users. Calls to other Skype accounts is 100% free as is the software, so the only real charge is the cost of the Internet connection. Calls to landlines and mobiles incur a charge but this rate is usually less expensive than making the call from a traditional landline.

2. Ad-powered web services

There are Web services online that provide a Skype-like service and serve ads to offset the cost. The benefit here is that you don't have to install software. Simply navigate to the site using your favourite browser; the client will start automatically.

3. VoIP home service

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) isn't just limited to Skype and Web services. In fact, in many areas you can replace your traditional phone service with a VoIP service. There can be substantial setup fees but in the end, it's one of the best ways to make cheap calls to Pakistan.

4. Other VoIP providers

There is a wide range of VoIP options out there beyond Skype and home-based services, so don't settle for the one that almost fits. There are even free options available, and when you couple them with free Internet, such as at the local library, it can be very cheap indeed.

5. Prepaid Calling Cards

If calling from a landline or mobile is your only option, then prepaid calling cards are an excellent way to make cheap calls to Pakistan. The trouble with calling cards is that the best savings are available by purchasing in bulk. So the more money you invest upfront, the more you'll save.

6. Inexpensive SMS messaging

SMS (Short Message Service) is a system for relaying text messages between mobile, phone and web systems. It's not a full-featured alternative to a traditional call but it is a convenient and inexpensive way to communicate by phone.

So the good news is that there are options for making cheap calls to Pakistan. Skype is an especially good option if both you and your loved ones have Internet service since the call will be free. And if you plan to use VOIP frequently, home-based services can save a great deal of money long-term.

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