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Mycoolcell.com has added a new line to their already extensive selection of Joining their array of batteries covers, skins, protectors, cables, hand-free equipment and much more is an assortment of Otterbox4iPhone cellphone covers for iPhone and Blackberry users.

Customers will want to protect the investment they have made in their phones by buying the best protection possible at a great price. Two styles of Otterbox protectors are now available: the Commuter, and the Defender. Both will protect your device from scratches, drops or other shocks. Several color and model choices are available in each.

The Commuter phone protector is a little slimmer, and has a smooth finish, making it easy to slide into a pocket or handbag. The long-lasting cover is fashioned of three layers to provide great protection. the first layer is a film over the screen, which offers excellent defense from scratches and smears. The middle layer is a thin, silicone shock absorber, and the outer layer is beautifully colored, high-quality plastic. Port plugs keep the sensitive ports clean, yet accessible.

The durable, rugged Defender covers are also constructed of three layers. The inner layer of thin silicone film serves as screen protection. The second layer is a tough polycarbonate to guard against damage from jolts, shocks, and falls. The third layer is thin, resilient silicone to further protect the user's phone. The Defender also includes silicone port plugs to keep dust and dirt out.

High-school and college students are eligible for a 10%discount on all cell phone accessories simply by registering their name and school information using the form on the student discount page. This is a real boon to students in this economy, who are often working as well as attending school, and don't have much to spend. Batteries, cables and other hands-free equipment are often needed by students, as well as all the protectors, casespouches, skins and decals to protect and embellish their phones

Students will have fun browsing through all the accessories available from mycoolcell.com, but can also win prizes by producing their own youtube.com video. To enter, students simply make an attention-grabbing video demonstrating one of the cell phone accessories from mycoolcell.com, or by making an entertaining video review. The prize is one hundred dollars worth of merchandise from mycoolcell.com! This includes all of phone and iPod accessories.

For those who aren't yet familiar withPhone Accessories, this company also offers discounts to teachers, police, firemen, and other government workers and civil servants on their gov/edu pages. The company appreciates those who serve the country by working for various government offices, including local, county, and state offices, and those who serve by teaching the nation's children--the next generation of leaders.

Find all these great products and offers at mycoolcell.com, a company who cares about the community.

MyCoolCell.com was established in September 2000.Their goal is to provide all customers, both cell phone accessorywholesalers and retail users, with one-stop shopping for high quality cellular phone accessories. For more information, visit them on the web at www.mycoolcell.com, or call toll-free 888-388-8877.

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