Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

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If you believed that all of the cell phone options on the market were created for younger folks in mind, than reconsider that thought. Because in today's society, cell phone plans for seniors are equally as important. These plans need to meet the growing needs that seniors face at home and on the road.

There are a variety of cell phone plans for seniors that are available and tailored to meet their individual needs. A few of these plans would be the no fee, or pre-paid cellular phone plans that do not require a credit check, or plans with one fixed monthly payment.

And if you decide to cancel your phone contract prior to the two years, most often you will be charged a hefty fee in the range of about $200.00. This is something that pre-paid cellular phones do not require. With a prepaid cellular plan you can simply cancel the plan at any time without being charged a cancellation fee.

Prepaid cellular phone plans are also great in the way that if you are a senior and do not use the phone a great deal of the time. They also give you the convenience that you may need in time of an unexpected emergency. And an added benefit of this, is that they are all designed to fit your budget which means that they will not hurt your pocket book in the long run. This is something that most seniors will appreciate because most are already on a fixed budget.

There are a few senior friendly phones, including cell phone plans available on the market today. Two of these plans that provide a great cell phone, as well as prepaid calling plans for seniors are called Jitterbug and consumer cellular. First let's take a look at Jitterbug. This company offers a phone that has a large keypad and screen, which is ideal for seniors who have visual problems.

Jitterbug is virtually one of the best phones on the market however their phones can be a bit pricey starting at ninety-nine dollars. But if you are not on a fixed budget and can afford the higher phone price, than this brand phone will be well worth purchasing in the end. Jitterbug's calling plan is a little more reasonable starting at fifteen-dollars per month. This in turn will give you fifty minutes of talk time. Not too bad for the price.

Also keep in mind that there is a first time thirty-five dollar activation fee with Jitterbug and Consumer Cellular, which many other companies do not require of first time customers. Consumer cellular also offers two basic cell phones that a senior will feel comfortable in using. Their individual calling plans are thirty-five cents per minute, which equals about ten dollars per month.

These two basic phones without the included prepaid plan will cost an individual between $25.00 to $30.00. Remember this is a great cell phone plan for seniors without all of the associated hidden fees that a long-term contract phone company would otherwise charge. Even though Jitterbug and Consumer Cellular give you a great phone, as well as a simplified prepaid, or pay as you go plans, they still may not be affordable for all seniors searching for a more economical cell phone to suit their everyday needs.

If you are one of those individuals searching for a more cost saving cell phone plan, than another good option would be the T-Mobile prepaid line of phones. A T-Mobile phone can be purchased just about anywhere that cell phones are sold and one of their phones can also be purchased for as little as $20.00. If you purchase one of their ten dollar prepaid plans, this in turn will give you thirty minutes of talk time.

The minutes that you place on a newly purchased T-Mobile prepaid phone will not expire until after three months. And you can also carry over minutes from a prior month by adding a $20.00 prepaid service card if you wish. Another advantage of a prepaid cell phone carrier such as T-Mobile; is that they usually give you ten to fifteen dollars included with the phone, when you first buy the complete package.

If you are a senior who requires more minutes on a prepaid T-Mobile cellular phone for example, then you can always choose an optional one-hundred dollar prepaid phone card. The advantage of the $100.00 card is that with the purchase of the card you will get 1000 minutes of talk time, which will not expire until a year from the date you activate the phone.

As far as cell phone plans for seniors go, my personal favorite for these individuals would have to be Straight Talk. Straight Talk has a variety of senior friendly phones starting out at about $29.00 up to $150.00, depending on what your preference is. When you purchase a Straight Talk phone which is currently available only in Wal-Mart stores, you will have the choice of being able to purchase a $30.00 prepaid cellular phone card which gives you 1000 minutes of talk time each month.

This in itself may be a great option for seniors whether you use a cellular phone a lot, or very little during the period of a month or even a year. Because if you do not use the phone often during a given month the minutes will not be lost, or be used up all at once, as can sometimes occur with other prepaid cellular phone companies. And to add, 1000 minutes of talk time is really more than enough minutes particularly if you are a senior who doesn't need, or does not do a lot of talking on the phone.

I recently purchased a Straight Talk phone for my elderly eighty-year old mother and she simply loves it. And as far as the reception, hearing and viewing capabilities go, I honestly think that this is a very good phone with plans comparable to some of the top brands on the market today.

Finding a good cell phone plan for seniors should not have to be a complicated or costly task, but if you are a senior who is in their later years and who also lives alone, getting a good cell phone and prepaid cellular plan to go along with it, is a must. Look at it as your personal security blanket.


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