Canvas Prints Enhance the Senses and Expand the Imagination

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Have you ever looked at a photograph of an ancient, elegant tree that seemed to wave gracefully to the passage of time? Its character just arrested thought and paused breath.

Now picture the same image developed on a different medium—one that gave hint of touch and texture and that raised the surface of that bark and that leaf. Canvas prints, also commonly known as photos on canvas, extend sight with touch for a fuller, more rewarding, and deeply treasured memory.

Types of Canvas Prints
Virtually any photograph or favoured artwork can be transferred onto a canvas. Whether black and white, colour, or a mix of the two, photos on canvas brings a richer viewing environment than standard two-dimensional prints.

People, landscapes, and still life are all excellent features in canvas prints. Single-pane pictures that extend borders to around the frame allow a more complete image presentation. Triptychs, collages, and pyramidal images lend themselves brilliantly to this textured forum, as well.

Extend the imagination beyond photographs, and a canvas print clock sits commandingly on a wall, mantle, bookshelf, or table.

Shapes of Canvas Prints
Rectangle, square, or panoramic photographs enhance portraits, candid shots, or magnificent landscapes and sunsets.

Stretch a horizon across a wide expanse of wall or tell a story above a fireplace with progressive photo groupings. Mount a crossroads photo on canvas and hang it in a hallway or near an entrance.

Creation of Photos on Canvas
The first step in creating a canvas print masterpiece comes from the customer: Uploading or delivering the chosen print. The clearer the picture, the clearer the canvas print. However, special atmospheres within the photograph inherent in focus and lighting should not be arbitrarily dismissed.

The presented image should be transferred onto a 100% cotton canvas for the epitome of effects, clarity, and sharpness or fading to match the original photograph. If a mixed colour presentation is desired, simply annotate which should be in black and white and what should be in colour, and the instructions are usually easily honoured by those who offer the choice.

Next, the image-transferred canvas is stretched around its frame; carrying the image around the corners of the frame is called gallery-wrapping and not only hides the frame but adds extra dimension and depth to the image presentation.

Standard v Custom Sizes
Most canvas printers allow customers the option of standard sizes of frames, differing according to shape. Often, standard frames come as small as 30cm x 30cm for square frames, 20cm x 60cm for panoramic canvas print, or 30cm x 45cm for rectangular frames.

Some canvas printers allow for standard frames as large as 100cm x 100cm for square frames, 50cm x 150cm for panoramic frames, or 100cm x 150cm for rectangular prints.

If he or she desires a custom frame that is larger or smaller than standard fare, the consumer should contact the vendor directly for information on availability and pricing.

Canvas prints or photos on canvas bring enthusiastic or excellent photographs into the striking and extraordinary arena. The additional depth, texture, and sense-appeal of photos on canvas enhance the viewing experience that engage multiple senses and unleash the imagination.

Canvas Printers turns your most precious memories into artwork by printing your Photos on canvas and have a great selection of Canvas Prints packages to suit your needs.

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