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Canvas is a widely use material, its use to make sails, backpacks, marquees and even tents, one common use for canvas would be for painting s and canvas printing which is a very popular medium and subject . If you choose to have a canvas print or even if you are an artists and just want to have a blank canvas to paint on then that is also a great idea because when you do have you expected wall decoration to hand then you can think of the many things canvas is used for.

The canvas that is used today is normally made out of linen or cotton; also did you know people used to make it from hemp. Iím sure it gave of a similar texture but may have just been harder to come by or itís probably much more eco friendly to have the canvas we use today. The canvas is threaded together and is woven allot tighter and the two terms for this would be plain and duck.
Canvases are more commonly used and know for painting on. This is because canvas is really good at holding large amounts of paint which out the risk of the paint running which is very handy if you artists and perfectionist and all you want to achieve is a work of art. it was in the 17th century when canvas became a lot more available to use rather than painting on wooden panels which is what was used by artists for a very long time.

The material is then stretched over a wooden frame called a stretcher bar which gives the canvas its stretch so it stays much taught when you apply your paint for getting the best possible outcome. A compound is used over the canvas before any paint is applied which us called gesso. This sealant is used to prevent any paint coming in direct contact with the canvas because if they did meet then over time the canvas would decay and your hard work would have gone to waist.

You can pick up a number of different types of canvas in and around our super markets today which is also ideal for any artists who are looking to produce some canvas artwork and it helps a lot to that you can get them in various sizes too.

Early types of canvas was made of linen, which is a brownie colour fabric which was very strong, this was commonly used for oil painting which also gave of that misty effect you see on old paintings before the 20th century. The idea is to move forward with technology and also to have the best materials so you can get the best possible finish for you artwork, this was the main priority which brought forward the cotton canvas and this is what we still use today which alway has proven to be the best material for the job which manages to hold up the life and quality of the paint we use and by keeping the canvas taught and looking new day in day out.

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