Can I plant my Christmas tree out after Christmas?

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If like me you think it’s a crying shame that 8 million Christmas trees lose their lives each year to bring us Christmas cheer you may have wondered if it is possible to plant your Christmas tree out after Christmas. Some say that it is bad luck to plant your Christmas tree in your back garden but that is just superstition. Unfortunately most Christmas trees that are sold as “rooted” have not been dug up with sufficient care to leave enough roots intact to give them a great chance of survival, however there is still hope for them.
If you want to plant your Christmas tree out in your back garden once the festivities are over you can try it, just be aware that the larger the tree the less likely it is to have enough root intact for it to survive. Anything under 5 feet tall has a chance so you could try that. Remember that Christmas trees such as Norway spruce grow up to about 40ft and quite quickly. Make sure you don’t plant it close to your house where it may damage your house or where it will block out too much light. Other than these concerns there is no harm in trying.

Another option is rather than going to buy a Christmas tree you can hire a Christmas tree over the festive season. Hired Christmas trees are delivered to your door just in time for Christmas and collected in the new year. Once collected they are planted out to create woodlands in which they can grow into the towering giants that they aspire to be. This is obviously great for the tree, fantastic for wildlife and offsets a decent chunk of our carbon footprint. Christmas trees grown for hire are pot grown using techniques developed for bonsai so they have a perfect root system that will be fully intact when it comes to planting out. Christmas trees may be hired for a few years before planting so you can hire the same tree for a few successive years, allowing you to watch it development. People often become quite attached to their trees and even visit them once they are planted out.
Other benefits to hiring a Christmas tree include the convenience of delivery and collection, fewer needles dropped in your house and car, a better shaped tree due to the pruning of pot grow trees and of course a clean conscience.

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