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Australia has a sizeable population of Malaysians, and the trade relationship between the two countries has increased exponentially since Malaysia let go of its non-alignment ideology and decided to join international trade organizations. A large number of people with Malaysian origins live in Australia; a number of Australians choose to travel, and sometimes work, in Malaysia. The bilateral ties between the two countries are on the mend after the diplomatic clashes in the 90s, and both provide valuable business opportunities to each other. Consequently, a lot of people from both the countries need to call their friends, relatives or business partners.

If you are in Australia and your friends or relatives are in Malaysia, keeping in touch with them is high on your priority list. There are many ways in which you can keep in touch: you can chat on the internet, connect through Facebook, or even write letters if you like to. But talking on the phone is the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting. While you can chat for free no matter what country you are in, making international calls is usually a costly affair. The cost might even deter you from talking for as long as you want, and you might, at times, terminate a conversation just because you are running out of balance!

You can use prepaid cards, discount coupons, and other such contrivances to decrease the cost of calling Malaysia. But marginally lower costs will not let you talk with abandon, without any fear of the charges. What you need are free calls or calls at rock-bottom rates! Thankfully, there are ways in which you can call Malaysia free from Australia. You do not need to buy a new SIM card, nor do you need to listen to sage advice like ‘don’t call but receive calls’.

One of the ways is using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services. At a basic level, VoIP uses the internet to help you make free calls. There are a number of services that exploit the opportunity of VoIP technology and let you use your PC or laptop to make free calls. One of the best examples of such services is Skype. You can talk for as long as you want, using the internet. You can talk to your friends sitting in Malaysia, and even use video calling facilities!

But such services come with their own problems. You need an internet connection or a smartphone to use VoIP-based services like Skype. Also, you never really know where you are with this kind of service. “Your call has been disconnected” is a message you will see many times. Voice quality can rival the best networks at times, and at other times your voice will be drowned by cacophonous disturbances in the network. Registering, setting up an account, and connecting to the sites are a pain, but VoIP remains the most popular way of calling Malaysia for free from Australia.

If you are not ready to bear the quirks of the internet telephony at the end of a tiring day at work, and want to talk over your phone without any interruptions or disturbances, you can opt for companies offering international calling services. They allow you to make calls at cheap rates: you can call Malaysia from Australia using your own phone after dialing their access codes, and you get charged local rates for the international call!

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