Buying a princess cut diamond engagement ring

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So you found the courage to ask her to marry you however you know that you also will need to decide upon an engagement ring. You may suddenly grasp that this is not so easy and there are a number of details and questions to consider. What ought to be the size of the ring be? What should the size of the diamond be? Which diamond cut would you like? Everything will have to be just perfect when the moment comes to hand the diamond ring over so here are several details you ought to be conscious of:

A little time back the round diamond was the traditional diamond for engagement rings, however, nowadays the princess cut diamond is among the most preferred cuts. One of the main reasons is that due to the fact that the stone is square or rectangular shape there is actually a lot more stone. A round diamond would have to have the corners cut off so by leaving them in place just you obtained a lot more rock.

Princess cut diamonds are also becoming a lot more popular because of their extraordinary clarity and remarkable sparkle. These diamonds look impressive with white metals such as platinum and white gold. The white metal increases the sparkle from the stone.

Solitaire diamond settings have typically been the leading seller, however, nowadays brides to be are preferring to pick out multi-stone diamond rings. The structure of the princess cut diamond makes it great for this kind of setting.

When you are searching for a princess cut diamond ring you should be aware of the following: H or I color is knows for its great value value. When you pick a higher quality of diamond color (D, E, F or G) they may look more striking however they are not perhaps worth the additional price. Additionally you need to take into consideration the Clarity. The best clarity is VS2 or SI1. Princess cut diamonds have a clarity of SI2 and I1 which are very rare. The high clarity is due to the high quality of rough diamond that is used for this specific cut.

One more thing to examine when shopping for a Princess Cut Diamond is its cut parameters. Ideally the depth of the diamond needs to be in the range of 65% to 75%. The diamond table, which is the flat area of the diamond at the top should be below 75%. There are two types of tables, small tables and normal tables. Small tables are usually a lot harder to acquire than normal tables. The polish and symmetry of the diamond should really be ‘Good’, ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent’.

The last thing to take into consideration is the fact that a wonderful quality square princess cut diamond should have a length/width ratio between 1.00 to 1.05.W

It is, of course, possible to shop for a pre-set diamond engagement ring. It seems effortless to stroll into a store and buy a ring that is already made, nevertheless, you will find it much more easy on the pocket to buy the diamond separately and have it set into the ring setting of your choice. This way you will be able to afford a lot bigger diamond and you may also design something unique or reproduce a layout you have seen around.

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