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Any visitor to London must experience the exquisite charm and grandeur of Buckingham Palace at least once in their lives. With the exceptional tour company Golden Tours of London, you can really delve into Buckingham Palace in all its magnificence, as you explore both its lavish interiors and stunning exteriors in detail.

Uncover the astounding majesty of the State Apartments, and marvel at the Royal Collection – the Queen’s Gallery. Discover the Royal Mews on this Buckingham Palace tour.

A fascinating ceremony that it is well worth witnessing if you can is the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace. Free to experience, this traditional rite takes place every morning at 11:30 AM. Although it ostensibly only consists of a new guard taking over duties from the old guard, it is a ceremony attended by much pomp and pageantry. Military music played by a guards’ band is forefront to the 45-minute display. It is a unique spectacle, a colourful display that is bound to ensnare your senses. Perhaps have your picture taken with a Buckingham Palace guard, to complete the experience.

The best Buckingham Palace tickets on offer are those that will gain you entry into the Palace itself. You cannot fail to be impressed by the 19 State Apartments open to visitors, and the sheer array of masterpieces that constitute State Apartments’ Royal Collection.

The Royal Collection holds astounding paintings by such prodigious talents as Poussin, Rubens and Rembrandt, true world masters of their craft. Marvel at the furniture and sculptures on display. Whatever your expectations are, they will be exceeded when you are confronted by the immense sublime beauty of the State Apartments. You will be sure to envy the Queen’s Gallery.

Royal Mews are the stables of the Royal Family. Traverse the exceptionally stunning Buckingham Palace Gardens to reach the Royal Mews. As you must be aware, these are no ordinary stables. Open to the public on certain days, try and uncover Buckingham Palace tickets that will include access to the Royal Mews, for the ultimate Buckingham Palace tour experience. Home to the breathtaking Gold State Coach and various other extravagant carriages, it will bewitch your senses.

A Buckingham Palace tour is, as has already been emphasised, a key aspect to any visitor’s exploration of London and London attractions. A towering landmark, the Palace symbolises the majesty of the city in a way few other landmarks can. View the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, and feel you are witnessing a remnant of royal history that has permeated into the present. The State Apartments, in their lavish grandeur, will leave a lasting impression and the Royal Mews will leave you awed.

Tour providers such as Golden Tours of London offer excellent packages of different Buckingham Palace tickets, so that you may explore this regal world renowned structure as it truly should be explored.

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