Benefits of Choosing 800 Series Number

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During earlier times, 800 numbers were available exclusively for the privileged few - mostly major corporations who had multiple phone lines. The situation, however, has since changed and today many mid- sized as well as small businesses are able to enjoy the benefits of 800 number facility.

The 800 number enables you to track calls, project a professional image and more importantly, lets your customers and other business associates to call without worrying about charges. An 800 number is a toll free number because it is the recipient of calls who pays the charges and it is free for the calling party.

As there has been a steep and persistent demand for 800 numbers, they are today more or less exhausted. So, to cope up with the demand 800 numbers, the service providers have now created numbers like 888 and 866 to serve new customers. Interestingly, the 800 numbers have become so popular that even the 888 and 866 numbers are getting depleted fast.

800 number is of immense benefit for businesses are engaged in imports/exports or having a lot of clients, business associates and sister offices located overseas or in far-flung areas. With the provision of 800 number the customers and business associates, regardless where they are, will make frequent long distance calls as they will not be obliged to pay.

Added to this, having 800 number also enhances your company reputation and lends it a more professional image. In fact, when clients and suppliers come to know that you have a toll free number, they will be more inclined to deal with your company.

Having 800 number is also advantageous for your field personnel and traveling staff. Rather than searching for money all the time, they can straightaway dial the 800 number and get in touch with the office.

Again, you can also set up your voice mail with options to speak to different departments in your business, eliminating the need for an intermediate receptionist to handle and transfer calls. This can be an excellent time-saver for businesses and administrative staff and they will be freer to attend to some productive work.

The 800 number is a veritable boon when it comes to trade advertisements as prospective customers will instantly call you as they are not liable to pay the call charges. It is seen that response to advertisements that mention 800 numbers are several times more than the ones that carry no 800 number.

Please remember that during the present period of economic recession, most customers may be disinclined to pay and make calls to enquire about your products/services. They would rather contact businesses that have 800 number and get the required information free. This way, you can lose business to your competitors who have 800 number facility.

Besides, 800 number will prompt customers to call you more often and this will be highly helpful for better Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Customers will also be encouraged to buy products from a company with 800 number as they can contact the company regularly for after-sales service.

It is not required that you install a separate line for an 800 number. As a matter of fact, your 800 number can be fed directly into your regular telephone line.

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