Beauty implementation of the "franchise" still too early - beauty salons, professional line of cosme

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Recently and a friend, that the professional line of a well-known beauty brand strategy improper occurred, resulting in layoffs is tragic. Friends are very confused and future, and it was ruined.

Talking about this company and indeed prominent position in the professional beauty line, has been 12 years development, marketing network covers the whole country. The company has claimed to do a hundred years of foreign brands, but also to make this a brand wholeheartedly, their employees, dealers and franchisees are very excited and proud. However, the limited environment of the professional beauty industry, the impact of increased difficulty in performance of the company, one brand for so many years regarded as the old brand in the beauty salon, many shops have converted the idea of the brand. Companies to get long-term brand development, hired professional managers to carry out a brand image building, in order to enhance the tightness of the network also introduced the franchisee?? Franchised store channel strategy. Paragraph from the back point of view, since the company implemented a franchisee?? Franchised stores, with some performance enhancing, it makes the implementation of the franchise companies / shops have higher performance than before. However, this results in these companies / stores dropped the cost of operating other brands return for. Increase the performance of blinded hidden behind the growth, not happy year, the channel began to launch an attack, as the company worked hard to pursue the franchisee / franchise stores, anger is not exclusive of other companies / shops to customers, ultimately the company's helm ?? strategy-makers, professional managers is forced down, the company immediately in trouble.

From this, we have to ponder whether the professional line can be the franchisee?? Franchised store channel strategy? This strategy really is wrong? Does not work it?

Is not true, of course a good idea, but premature.

1, most of the beauty salon franchise could not accept the policy.

I had been hundreds of studies of beauty salons, beauty salons generally found to be 2-3 business brand, just run a little absurd Liao brand. I have been to a cosmetics company in Wenzhou stores, with the brand manager visited a total of 10 operational performance is said to be a good local shop, actually did not find a business only a brand franchise stores, and even the agent of their company are operating with more than 10 brands, including its own brand on the up to 4. Therefore, we can see that franchise has not been accepted.

Two franchise stores do not meet the psychological characteristics of women hate the old.

Most women like to compare and choose, when she came to your store, you can not give her choice, comparison, not for her this kind of psychological release, you said she would do in your store consumption ? Estimated that the sentence, "this a brand ah?" "On these types of ah?" After the act was to walk away. If the store has several brands allow customers choice, guests can be effectively this kind of psychological release. In addition, the beauticians in the introduction, can be targeted to introduce products to the customers, get uncertain when the habits of the guests, but also introduces some more. One can look professional beauticians, shops and strong strength; second, customers can compare the psychological feeling of comfort; Third, to achieve better sales. Which do you think is good? Customers usually choose to impulsive buying, few customers will say "not good", "I do not" so straightforward words.

Three franchised stores operating risks are too high.

We have heard, can not put all your eggs in one basket, as long as the basket fell, nor will an egg left. If you only operate a beauty salon brand in case of poor management of this brand, beauty salons would face the danger of closing, even if ordered to stop it would take some time. But if you also operate a number of brands, even if the brand is not up, operators can immediately cut it, the performance of other brands can also support the store's survival. In addition, you can slowly cut of that brand to other brands to guide guests or an additional introduction of a new brand, beauty salon and therefore have a new life, even if there are losses, there are ways to minimize possible .

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