Kurt Zier's Articles http://www.a1articles.com en-us editorial@articlealley.com Smart Induction Cooktops Induction cooktops have come a long way in the last 30 years. Believe it or not, the technology for the induction cooktops has been around since the early 1900s. Speculation of the safety of these cooktops has been getting in the way of its advancement ... http://www.a1articles.com/smart-induction-cooktops-2168320.html 06th April 2011 Gas, Induction and Electric Cooktops There are three major types of cooktops which include gas, induction cooktops and electric. The kitchen centers around cooktops and heating our food, and it's important to know the difference between them. All cooktops have their own advantages and work... http://www.a1articles.com/gas-induction-and-electric-cooktops-2168310.html 06th April 2011 Different Features That Cooktops Provide If you have been looking into purchasing cooktops for your kitchen, you may be wondering what types of features some cooktops offer. In order to help you better understand how cooktops could efficiently work in your kitchen, let's go over some of the feat... http://www.a1articles.com/different-features-that-cooktops-provide-2168307.html 06th April 2011 Benefits of an Induction Cooktop Advances in technology are constantly leading to new appliances, and cooktops are no different. For years, cooktops came in two different varieties: electric cooktops or gas cooktops. However, a recent development has led to a third type of cooktop that... http://www.a1articles.com/benefits-of-an-induction-cooktop-2168298.html 06th April 2011 Advantages of Owning a Gas Cooktop Gas cooktops have long been preferred over other cooktops when it comes to the kitchens of professional chefs. Chefs often prefer these cooktops due to a collection of benefits that are unique to cooking with gas, and therefore unavailable to electric co... http://www.a1articles.com/advantages-of-owning-a-gas-cooktop-2168297.html 06th April 2011 How a Convection Microwave Works If you haven't looked at microwave ovens for a few years, you may not even realize that there is such a thing as a convection microwave. You have probably heard of the convection ovens that all of the chefs on cooking shows prefer to use. A convection m... http://www.a1articles.com/how-a-convection-microwave-works-2163192.html 04th April 2011