cheers's Articles en-us EU beefs up food security According to estimates by experts world population would reach a staggering 9 billion in the next 40 years and food demand would increase by 50% much before that by year 2030. The strain on land as a resource on account of good portions of cultivable land... 23rd September 2010 A Mosque at ground zero? President Obama's recent approval for the construction of the Cordoba Centre, an Islamic centre and Mosque near the site of the September 11 attack on the twin tower attack has quite understandably raked up a huge controversy. The President claims to have... 23rd September 2010 The Roma deportation - evicting the homeless The forcible eviction of Roma and their deportation to Romania and Bulgaria by France has quite rightly invited criticism from across Europe and also within President Sarkozy's own party. The French President is trying to portray the operation against the... 23rd September 2010 Whose welfare is it anyway? The Bard of Avon in one of his famous lines says 'the quality of mercy blesseth him that gives and him that takes. Given the state of today's welfare expenditure by the State he may have corrected himself to caution that the quality of mercy (welfare meas... 23rd September 2010 Is the government missing out the wood for the trees? The adage missing the woods for the trees describes a situation where the focus on the big picture is lost by one's short sighted preoccupation with relatively less important small details. The UK government's decision to sell national reserves, forest la... 23rd September 2010 The Burka controversy UK's immigration Minister Damian Green has ruled out a ban on the burka in public places on the contention that it would be "rather un British" to do so. I would like to add here that Britain not banning the burka is a typical "more loyal than the king" B... 23rd September 2010 Tough decisions to overcome tough times David Cameron's call for tough measures, austerity and slashed expenditure to overcome the enormous fiscal deficit comes as no surprise; a Prime Minister saddled with a 156 billion pound deficit could not have acted differently. While his speech placing t... 23rd September 2010 Are Britains laws letting it down badly? Looking around what is happening in the country today the question that comes top most to the mind is Are UKs laws not effective enough? The saying The law is a donkey never seemed more true ever in the past than in todays bleak scenario. Just consider ho... 23rd September 2010 Is Britain moving to a phase of uncertainty? While the question "who would be king?' may be top most on everybody's mind, a more sober observation would be "regardless of who would be the king, is the nation heading for some uncertain times?" The people's mandate as things stand seems to indicate a ... 23rd September 2010 A burning issue caused by burning? If you were sceptical that the recently concluded high power climate talks at Copenhagen was a lot of hot air and nothing more, the bad news is you are dead right. Reports of one of the most large scale carbon and methane emissions in Nigeria's oil rich N... 23rd September 2010 Immigration Immigration has always been a sticky issue in British politics with an impact extending into its society and economy. I recall an immigrant from India remarking in lighter vein to my question on why most immigrants opt for the British shores "In the past ... 23rd September 2010 Is all this bullying stuff just a lot of bull...? Recent accusations of bullying and uncivil behaviour on Prime Minister Gordon Brown has cast a long shadow on 10, Downing street, these accusations portray Mr Brown as a screaming, hostile and intimidating person who flings missiles, shoves people around ... 23rd September 2010 Making Eco conservation profitable Eco conservation continues to be a major concern gripping the world community 'Green' just does not denote a colour but has come to signify life, conserving nature and saving earth. While the government's role in eco conservation is largely limited to reg... 23rd September 2010 Is Agriculture as green as we think it is?? Images of smoke belching from the chimneys of factories, oil refineries or cars inching their way in a downtown street are typical images that come to one's mind when one thinks of greenhouse emissions. On the other hand vast stretches of emerald fields a... 23rd September 2010 Healthy Cooking Rising health consciousness, especially awareness on the dangers of obesity caused by increased cholesterol levels started the quest for a healthy cooking medium. It has not however been a simple open and shut issue and there is little unanimity among spe... 23rd September 2010 Idiot box turns aggressive!! If you believed that the TV viewing numbed sensitivities and reduced people to cola guzzling veggies or couch potatoes as they were called, here is some bad news. According o recent study in the US the idiot box or more specifically the realty shows with ... 23rd September 2010 Patent protection for nature's produce As a customer centric business portal we at GB ads take this opportunity to share our views on the issue of marketing and branding of natural products and their claim to exclusive product rights which is becoming a cause for a lot of hot air and seek the ... 23rd September 2010