sarah_b's Articles en-us A successful business woman The business world is often dominated by men and this has long been the case, recently this issue has raised debates in parliament about what could be done to promote more women into UK boardrooms. Women have made big strides in business over the last ... 09th September 2011 Using Artificial Nails Artificial nails are used as a practical or decorative addition to natural nails - designed to make them more attractive, uniform and to save time. These nails are very popular with users and there are different types available including Press on nails, A... 10th June 2011 The Better Acne and Spot Treatment Whilst most of us agree that spots are not the most attractive thing to have on your face, some people can handle the appearance with ease whilst others feel it’s their duty to fight off the invaders with a menagerie of treatments and lotions. They’ll try... 27th April 2011 Nails that Look Good to Travel London is a famous city that continues to inspire people; it has an excellent architectural legacy, many shopping venues and houses one of the famous beacons of democracy, the Houses of Parliament. The range of architecture and things to do is testament t... 06th April 2011 Nails Suitable for the Royal Event of the Century The Royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William is one of the most anticipated events of the 2011, and will be taking place on April 29th at Westminster Abbey in London. One question on fashion conscious peoples’ minds is what Kate and William... 29th March 2011 The Pet Shop Boys Score Exciting Ballet Musical Ballet has been performed for hundreds of years, from the 15th century Italian courts to modern day Africa (the Cape Town City Ballet for example), producing many famous figures including Vaslav Nijinsky and the great impresario Serge Diaghilev. Ballet ma... 28th March 2011 Perletones for Nails It is important to take good care of your nails and hands, as clean nails that have been shaped, carefully filed and polished can enhance the hands’ look. Indeed your hands can say much about your lifestyle and personal hygiene, so it is essential to t... 07th March 2011 French Manicures With business meetings, presentations, exams and a party to look forward too, working through such a busy schedule can leave the best of us biting off the tips of our nails. Personal appearance in a presentation can be just as important as the presenta... 17th February 2011 Nail Trends The choice of nail polish and manicures will say something about the fashion style and personality of the person wearing it. Here are five of the most popular nail polish trends that we saw in autumn and winter 2010 to help you keep up to date in 2011. ... 09th February 2011 Musical Movies The musical movie genre was one of the last to emerge thanks largely to the advent of sound in movies and has regularly set its characters in fantasy environments. There are many popular musical movies, from the first part-talking, part-singing film 'The ... 08th February 2011 Natalie Portman in Ballet Shoes Swan Lake is a ballet thought to have been composed between 1875/6, it is based on Russian folk tales (such as 'The White Duck' Russian fairy tale) and ancient German stories. Swan Lake tells of the story of a Princess turned into a swan by an evil socere... 20th January 2011 Tap Dancing - A Journey From Jazz to Modernity Tap dancing is an American style of entertainment dance which sits prominently alongside such classic styles as jazz, hip-hop and lyrical, which are all form of competitive dancing. The popularity of such dance styles, along with dance sports such as ball... 15th December 2010 The History of Spas in the UK Spas have been a long established outlet of relaxation and enjoyment for human beings far beyond living memories. Though it looks like it should be an acronym thanks to its short and to-the-point name, and indeed some have argued in the past it is – the L... 02nd November 2010 Nail Polish and Nail Care The nails on your finger tips and toes are made up of a protein called keratin, eating healthy food is good for your general health and food with good levels of calcium ions (like yoghurt, milk, cheese, salmon, beans and spinach) and vitamin B (brown rice... 18th October 2010 Strictly Come Dancing 2010 Line Up Get your tutu on, polish up those dance shoes and ready that sofa because Strictly Come Dancing is back! Fitting the bill perfectly for a lazy Saturday night in with all the family, everyone’s favourite BBC show has returned what must be the twenty-hun... 13th October 2010 Craving Hollywood Hair? What Beauty Treatments Really Work. When we’re flicking through magazines looking at pictures of our favourite celebrities it’s hard not to let the green eyed monster take hold. We often find ourselves wondering why our legs, or our faces and bodies, do not match up to theirs. Damn their fa... 06th September 2010