Lawrence Korbus's Articles en-us Unveil Your Natural Elegance at Elegance Hair Salon Orlando residents no longer have to compromise when it comes to choosing a hair stylist. Elegance Hair Salon, located in the heart of downtown Orlando and only minutes away from Avalon Park, provides superior quality hair services that are second to none.... 31st May 2011 Canvas Printing Gifts for the Holidays The Holidays are approaching and it is the season of showing affections through gift giving. There are plenty of gift choices online and in the malls; however one of the best gifts is the gift that will share memories, as well as having a lasting impressi... 08th December 2010 Select Pda phone with advanced computing ability Cell phone technology has been influential in getting the world together. Now days, people more attached with each other all the time and mobile phones have made this all very much promising. Pda uses both single-carrier direct- sequence spectrum radio te... 15th July 2010