Tauqeer Ul Hassan's Articles http://www.a1articles.com en-us editorial@articlealley.com Learning Games for Children Learning games custom-made for kids have great and diversified benefits for them. They can help educate the kids, polish their strategy-making skills, ability to read and follow instructions, boost thinking skills, and refine motor skills in addition to p... http://www.a1articles.com/learning-games-for-children-2409919.html 27th January 2012 Girls and Boys - the Difference in Taste No, we’re not referring to taste in the literal sense of the word. The kind of games that each gender enjoys or avoids is what we’re supposed to discuss here. So, is the taste in games different? If so, why? Why are the games listed in separate sections f... http://www.a1articles.com/girls-and-boys--the-difference-in-taste-2401502.html 03rd January 2012 Games for Girls - Enjoyable for All Even if the technicians behind every game designed for girls are not necessarily girls, they’re laid out and detailed with girls’ liking in mind. They serve the purpose of entertaining, amusing and even occasionally educating young girls. Games available ... http://www.a1articles.com/games-for-girls--enjoyable-for-all-2401407.html 31st December 2011 The Best of Action Games Be it the internet, or personal computers, action games enjoy widespread attention by both console and desktop gaming crowds. They enjoy perhaps a major chunk out of the market share of games on the internet as well as on consoles, and the trend is not li... http://www.a1articles.com/the-best-of-action-games-2401240.html 30th December 2011 Top 7 Advantages of Online Gaming This subject matter can be quite debatable for parents. Nevertheless if taken in moderation and adequately supervised, kids can actually benefit and learn from online games. A number of online games are offered for kids. For several years, parents have be... http://www.a1articles.com/top-7-advantages-of-online-gaming-2397000.html 07th December 2011 Deer Hunting Games for Kids The most favorite thing which kids like to do is playing games. This is what you can see from your own childhood. It can be possible that you may live in a home where your children have made life little tiring for you because they want to do some fun. If ... http://www.a1articles.com/deer-hunting-games-for-kids-2396096.html 05th December 2011 Flash Games, Are They Really Good? In today’s jet age, computer games have really taken up the first place and have become a passion for many adults and children. In United States of America, an observation by an independent research firm took place which says that around sixty percent of ... http://www.a1articles.com/flash-games-are-they-really-good-2385071.html 02nd November 2011 37 and 38 Weeks Pregnancy 37 Weeks Pregnant You are almost at the end of your pregnancy period. It is the time when you need to prepare yourself for any critical situation. It is essential to keep your hospital bag ready beforehand and don’t forget to keep all the important inf... http://www.a1articles.com/37-and-38-weeks-pregnancy-2198277.html 26th April 2011 Ways to Make and Decorate Holiday Wreaths As we have already aware of the fact that wreaths have some historical background and are used since a long time. These are a great way to express one’s feeling of happiness and love. These are used as a décor in the house or given as a piece of gift to y... http://www.a1articles.com/ways-to-make-and-decorate-holiday-wreaths-1810452.html 26th October 2010 Christmas Wreaths, History, Tradition and Uses The word “wreath” originated from an old English word called “writhen” which means twist or writhe. Holiday wreaths are those, which are made from metal or cloth and often covered with some jewels. With the passage of time the popularity of wreathes has g... http://www.a1articles.com/christmas-wreaths-history-tradition-and-uses-1809248.html 25th October 2010 Shopping for Golf Equipment For most of the amateur golfers, the pro shops are nothing more than an adult equivalent candy store. In recent few years the market has developed manifolds. Golf is a sport that involve so many tools that hardly any other sport involve. Different sort of... http://www.a1articles.com/shopping-for-golf-equipment-1780902.html 07th October 2010 Driving a Car on Ice Almost all of you know the fact that driving on icy roads is extremely risky and dangerous. In that situation knowing how to drive safely is very handy, as it is not always possible to stay back at home to wait for conditions and weather to clear. A good ... http://www.a1articles.com/driving-a-car-on-ice-1722985.html 31st August 2010 Driving a Car in the Rain Driving a car in rain needs special focus and more care than a routine normal drive, especially if it is a heavy rain. Heavy rain makes things difficult for a driver to drive a car on a wet road. Driving in the rain requires from you some extra homework. ... http://www.a1articles.com/driving-a-car-in-the-rain-1722950.html 31st August 2010 Understanding Contours in the Map Before proceeding with the topic, it is necessary to know what actually map is. Map is generally a geographical diagram or plan of an area or country. In other words, it is a visual representation of an area. A map is a way to represent on a two dimension... http://www.a1articles.com/understanding-contours-in-the-map-1721501.html 29th August 2010 Picking the Right Music System Music in one way or another plays a vital role in our lives. Music sometimes is considered as the source of calmness and softness in our stressed minds. We in our daily routines come across so many unpleasant or tiring events and music is a way for many t... http://www.a1articles.com/picking-the-right-music-system-1721032.html 27th August 2010 Make Minor Repairs to Your Phone With the advancement of technology and other developments it is now become easy to get your damaged phone repair instead of replacing it. There are so many areas which are repaired to avoid the heavy costs on purchasing new ones. Minor phone repair tasks ... http://www.a1articles.com/make-minor-repairs-to-your-phone-1719940.html 27th August 2010 Having a Meaningful Conversation A conversation is a tool for all human beings to communicate with each other. Also conversation is an art and he who knows the importance of this art is certainly a successful man on this earth. Having a meaningful conversation is a unique and valuable sk... http://www.a1articles.com/having-a-meaningful-conversation-1719764.html 27th August 2010 Getting the Right Phone for You Cell phone is now very much in demand and is popular among different masses equally. Anyone without a cell phone today is considered to be the person living in past. It is not always easy to pick a right phone for you with the fast technology that is gett... http://www.a1articles.com/getting-the-right-phone-for-you-1719385.html 27th August 2010 Maintaining your Cellular Phone We are living in the era with great technological development all around us. New inventions and many new devices have been now become the part of our life. One such device is mobile phone or cellular phone. Almost every person now has one phone. Many pref... http://www.a1articles.com/maintaining-your-cellular-phone-1719322.html 27th August 2010 Crossing the Bogs while Hill Walking Bogs are often noticed at hilly areas. It is the term often replaced by quagmire or marsh. All the three terms are used interchangeably with each other. The mystery of these lands is that they may appear solid to you at first sight but in fact they are kn... http://www.a1articles.com/crossing-the-bogs-while-hill-walking-1688755.html 10th August 2010 History of Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse is a famous cartoon character of a talking mouse. It is owned by The Walt Disney Company and has a very strong franchise for the company, its theme parks and other merchandise opportunities. Mickey Mouse is very unique among cartoon character... http://www.a1articles.com/history-of-mickey-mouse-1514719.html 22nd April 2010 Short History of Hong Kong Hong Kong is one of the successful islands in the world. Over the last century and today, it has blossomed as a financial center. Its future appears to be bright as ever. It was a dependant territory of the UK in 1842. Since 1997, it once again came back ... http://www.a1articles.com/short-history-of-hong-kong-1506443.html 16th April 2010 A Short History of Hawaii Hawaii has been admired for its heavenly islands and its history of rich culture. It continues to attract tourists from around the world to visit it again and again. Its beaches frequently host international surfing champions. However, there is also fears... http://www.a1articles.com/a-short-history-of-hawaii-1506425.html 16th April 2010 History of Alaska Alaska is the 49th state having a rich history. Its natural beauty and its rich resources have been the nuisance and benefit for its natives. The British, Americans, Spanish and Russians had exploited Alaska's land for their oil and otter for their fur. ... http://www.a1articles.com/history-of-alaska-1506418.html 16th April 2010 A Short History of Cosmetology People have been using cosmetics to improve their appearance since the last several thousand years. It is also used to mimic animals or look scary for festivals. The history of cosmetology is much older than civilization. The ancient nomads made pastes of... http://www.a1articles.com/a-short-history-of-cosmetology-1502696.html 15th April 2010 How to Improve Your Acts and Behavior for Overall Success Self improvement is not a very hard objective to achieve. If one is really interested to feel the taste of success than it has to be found out first that what the real cause of previous failure was. It really happens that we know the exact reason of our f... http://www.a1articles.com/how-to-improve-your-acts-and-behavior-for-overall-success-1481482.html 31st March 2010 How to Choose a Father’s Day Gift One of the nicest hobbies that one can do is shopping. Although people often run out of ideas in real sense when they go out for shopping. A father is a very important person of every one's life, he is the person who wiped off your tears when you are cryi... http://www.a1articles.com/how-to-choose-a-fathers-day-gift-1481374.html 31st March 2010 How to Buy a Valentine Gift for Your Girlfriend Valentine's Day is the best opportunity for you to present a special gift for the special woman in your life; it will show how much she means to you. If you are in a confusion of what to buy for her on that day, there are some options you can choose from.... http://www.a1articles.com/how-to-buy-a-valentine-gift-for-your-girlfriend-1481337.html 31st March 2010 Why Wood Burns Easily? This sounds like a question of the Stone Age. All grade school students have probably done an experiment relating to this in their science class or in their backyard. The moral of the story is to keep the matchsticks away from misguided children. All l... http://www.a1articles.com/why-wood-burns-easily-1422016.html 01st March 2010 What Are the Reasons of Thunder? Children usually get scared of thunder and lightning during storm. The booming sound resembles with an exploding bomb. It is somewhat true that a child will get scared. Exploding air When air explodes inside a thunder cloud when lightning heats it u... http://www.a1articles.com/what-are-the-reasons-of-thunder-1421951.html 01st March 2010 What Causes Nail Polish Bubbles Hails are like magical white small ice cubes that fall from the sky at a certain time of the year. They are brought on by strong droughts from freezing clouds. When talking about hail, we can talk about bubbles especially those bubbles related to nail pol... http://www.a1articles.com/what-causes-nail-polish-bubbles-1412866.html 23rd February 2010 Reasons of Weather Change and Planet Mars Weather is not like climate that normally stays the same for much longer periods, weather changes very often every day or every hour. One day witnesses sunny skies and the next day it is cloudy. Sometimes, it would be a rainy morning and a sunny and warm ... http://www.a1articles.com/reasons-of-weather-change-and-planet-mars-1411068.html 23rd February 2010 Ceramic Photographs, Interesting Art Form Ceramic photographs are a very interesting form of performing art. As we know, everybody wants to decorate their rooms as the best. For this they use different techniques. They use tiles in their rooms to make the room look attractive. They are not just s... http://www.a1articles.com/ceramic-photographs-interesting-art-form-1391058.html 11th February 2010 An SMS Worth a Thousand Words! A Birthday is a special day and birthday wishes make it more special. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated and this involves a lot of preparation and a substantial flow of money. This is the day when special feelings can be expressed in the form of gifts ... http://www.a1articles.com/an-sms-worth-a-thousand-words-1346533.html 14th January 2010