chuckwhite30's Articles en-us Will Smith Hancock Yes, I loved Iron Man also. And of course Superman is wonderful and Spider Man and Bat Man are also superheroes. But what about a dude named Hancock? If you haven't seen the surprise hit of 2008, Hancock, starring Will Smith, you definitely should go out ... 10th December 2009 Why Was Thanksgiving Declared Every year, towards the end of November, Americans gather together to have a traditional holiday meal for the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a lovely tradition and one that almost everyone follows, since it brings people together. We can share the day and ex... 10th December 2009 Why Is It Customary To Eat Turkey On Thanksgiving So this year, like every year, my family and I'm sure yours as well will be cooking the traditional Thanksgiving turkey. The holiday of course celebrates the first thanksgiving, when the Pilgrims decided to have a feast and celebrate the fact that they ha... 10th December 2009 Whose Number Is This You know the drill: You see a number on the caller ID when you walk in the door and you're wondering "who's number is this?" Is it important? A crank call? A telemarketer? Didn't I sign up for that do not call thing where they're not supposed to call? You... 10th December 2009 Who Is Rosie Vela Dating I love to watch MTV and VH1. Every time I watch those channels, I can watch some of the great performers of our day as they dance to the moves on the music videos. I've enjoyed everyone from Michael Jackson to Beyonce Knowles to Madonna. But one of my fav... 10th December 2009 When Was Thanksgiving Named A Real Holiday Every year, towards the end of November, Americans gather together to have a traditional holiday meal for the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a lovely tradition and one that almost everyone follows, since it brings people together. We can share the day and ex... 10th December 2009 Paris Hilton Dating Erik Markham There are rumors floating around on various web sites that sexlet and Hilton hotel heiress Paris Hilton has been running around fanning the flames with Erik Markham. However, for someone dating one of the hottest babes in the celebrity circuit, I couldn't... 10th December 2009 Whose Number Is This You know the drill: You see a number on the caller ID when you walk in the door and you're wondering “who's number is this?” Is it important? A crank call? A telemarketer? Didn't I sign up for that do not call thing where they're not supposed ... 29th November 2009 When Is Spiderman 4 Coming Out When is SpiderMan 4 coming out? Well for that question, there is a very simple and straight forward answer: May 5, 2011. The release date is firm and has been confirmed by the kind folks at Columbia Pictures, owners of the Spidey franchise. A more difficu... 27th November 2009 When Is Spider Man 4 Coming Out What is it with all the super hero and comic book movies these days? Is it that they just don't understand audiences? Is is that they think they need to make it enjoyable only for a 12 year old? Don't other people count? That's the question I ask when I l... 27th November 2009 Transformers 2 Well the newest Transformers movie, Transformers: Rise of the Fallen (aka Transformers 2) has come and gone from the theaters and will likely be available in DVDs at your favorite video rental service and or DVD store like Best Buy (whichever ones are lef... 27th November 2009 This Is It Movie Trailer Well I just had the chance to watch the This is It Movie trailer and This is It is really, really awesome! Yes, the man himself, the King of Pop, the Gloved One is making a comeback from the grave (ala Thriller) and it looks like it's going to be spectacu... 27th November 2009 This Is It The This is It Movie is coming to a theater near you for just two weeks in October. The movie features never before seen footage of the King of Pops' preparations for his last performance, one that he sadly never had the chance to offer to the world. But ... 27th November 2009 Spiderman 4 Well it's official now. The hottest franchise in the world of comic heroes is coming to an I-Max screen near you on May 5, 2011. SpiderMan 4 is to be digitally remastered into a brand new Imax experience film in time for the opening. It will be distribute... 27th November 2009 Spider Man 4 Trailer I'm sure many of you Spidey fans are wondering about the Spider Man 4 trailer. Well it's way too early to say anything about the actual trailer since the movie is just getting started, but we've got some news about what could possibly be happening in the ... 27th November 2009 Spider Man 4 The Movie Spider Man 4 the movie is officially on the radar screen and will be arriving at a theater near you on May 5, 2011. We still don't know much about the plans for the new epic, but here's what we know so far: First, Toby Maguire has been signed to contin... 27th November 2009 Spider Man 4 Well we all love the Amazing Spider Man and we do wish Peter Parker well on his pursuit of happiness in the world of Spidey lore, but what is going on with Spider Man 4? When is it coming out and who will be in it? Will it have more of the same as we saw ... 27th November 2009 Simple Homemade Christmas Ornaments One of the great things about Christmas is of course decorating the tree. It's a special time of year when the tree arrives in the home and whole family gets to come together to decorate it. Of course, this also means pulling out all the old Christmas orn... 27th November 2009 Saw Vi Movie Trailer The Saw VI movie trailers and clips that have been released to date seem to range from the silly to the scary to the esoteric to the mysterious. I took the time to check them all out and to offer all you saw fans a look at the various things that are know... 27th November 2009 Saw 7 Well, it's official, even before the new Saw movie comes out, Variety has told the world that Saw 7 has been given the green light. According to reports, the new movie is to begin production in January of 2010 and they are going to be filming the new proj... 27th November 2009 Saw 5 After so many sequels, there really ought to be an expectation that Saw 5 would really be losing steam and whatever reason there was for the series seems to disappearing into the ether, The same basic concept as the original is now followed once again. Ji... 27th November 2009 Saw 4 Hee's baaack! Well, not exactly. As those who have been following the Saw series would know, our killer who loves to teach, Jigsaw is now in the great puzzle of the beyond and likely getting taught some lessons himself. But, just to make sure you don't fe... 27th November 2009 Saw 3 As if we didn't see enough blood and guts in the first two Saw movies, Saw 3 comes along and offers us still more of the same. Unfortunately, while the first and second movies catered to the intelligent crowd, the series has started the inevitable decline... 27th November 2009 Saw 2 The first time I watched the movie Saw, I knew I was in for something special. Not since the Scream trilogy had a series tried to take the concept of horror and market it to people who were intelligent instead of the babes and booze crowd that most such f... 27th November 2009 Quicktime Movei Trailer I know. When the newspaper comes in the morning, you skip the news of the quake in India or the revolution in Timbuktu. The Yanks are in the World Series for the first time in a few years? "Eh, who cares" you say. Yeah, Dilbert could be a hoot once in a w... 27th November 2009 New Transformer Movie So I finally got around to watching the new Transformers Movie and I've got to say, I'm disappointed. Let's do a quick recap just so we know where we are. The first Transformers movie had Sam (Shia Lebeouf) purchasing first car and somehow ending up w... 26th November 2009 New Movie Trailers I know. You go to the movies almost every single week, you cried when Gene Siskel died, you hope that Roger Ebert will still be reviewing movies for a long time. You set your TiVo to record your favorite films even though you already own them on DVD. And ... 26th November 2009 Movie Spider Man 4 I know what you're thinking. You want to know everything there is to know about the new movie, Spider Man 4. Well you and half the world who is obsessesed with everything Spidey. Numerous rumors are flying around about the newest installment of the human ... 26th November 2009 Michael Jackson Thriller "Back in 1984, probably the biggest single hit in the history of rock and roll was recorded by an already popular performer known as Michael Jackson. The song was Michael Jackson Thriller. You know the drill - first of all, it was an early music video whe... 26th November 2009 Megan Fox Faq "Welcome out to Megan Fox FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions about the super star). Here you can learn all you ever wanted to know and more about the sultry and seductive actress. 1. Who is Megan Fox? Megan Fox is an American actress who has starred i... 26th November 2009 Megan Fox Dating Relationship "So has Megan Fox been a bad girl? In the world of the Megan Fox Dating Relationship roller coaster, it seems nothing is certain. Both the National Enquirer and he Star agree that Fox not only lip locked with former teen heart throb Shia LeBeouf (you may ... 26th November 2009 Marvel Ironman "One of the best Marvel IronMan story lines was the "Demon in a Bottle" story. It tells the story of Tony Stark slowly descending into the oblivion that comes from drinking excessively and at all hours of the day. Here is a brief run down of the plot: ... 26th November 2009 Janet Jackson Superbowl "I'm sure you've heard about it by now, but just in case you've been living in a cave for the past decade or so, here's a brief recap of the Janet Jackson Superbowl controversy: During the 38th Superbowl game (Superbowl XXXVIII as it is officially know... 26th November 2009 Ironman Suit Games "A search on Google for Ironman games brought up lots of material. For example, there are the official games based on the movie where you can don the Iron Man suit and actually go flying around saving the world from bad guys. You can use the suit to shoot... 26th November 2009 Ironman 2 "If you're a die hard Iron Man fan and just cannot wait for the movie Ironman 2 to arrive in theaters, just wait 'till you hear about this: Two lucky (and presumably obscenely wealthy) fans will be having the time of their lives when they get to personall... 26th November 2009 Ironman "So exactly who is the Ironman? We've all seen the movie, but let's hear a little something about how this character was first created. He is of course based on a super hero from a comic book. The character first appeared in Tales of Suspense #39 (March 1... 26th November 2009 Iron Man 2 Trailer Iron Man 2 Movie Trailer E.M. Hammer You wanted it and now it's here: Iron Man 2 is coming to a theater near you this spring. The question of course is what it's about and when the official trailer is going to come out. We don't have the official trai... 26th November 2009 Ellen Degeneres Joins American Idol Well it's official: The Fox network has announced that Ellen DeGeneres will be joining the judge's table for the 9th season of the hit TV show that showcases unknown talents who are trying to make it in the big time, American Idol. And the news that "Elen... 25th November 2009