Vijay Koragappa Shetty's Articles en-us Vitamin Rich Food - And its Rich Source? Your body requires a lot of nutrients for its cell growth, regeneration and repair. Similarly mineral, potassium and zinc are quite vital for your body. Most important fact about nutrients which are not known to all are the Vitamins. They help you in seve... 05th March 2010 Diet and Skin Go Hand in Hand! The secret behind healthy skin is your diet. You must follow healthy eating habits and stop eating junk. If you have been eating too much of oily and fried foods, stop them immediately. Your face can only look dull with all these junk foods. Water, gre... 05th March 2010 Avoid Health Hazards - Control Your Calories! Boost your confidence with easy weight management tips. You don't just look and feel better but you will rediscover the ‘new' you. Good health can be promoted with weight loss, if not, you may face cardiac problems, high level of cholesterol and increas... 23rd February 2010 Non Surgical Weight Loss Tips? There is no need for surgeries as they make use of invasive procedures in surgery which may have complications such as blood clot. These blood clots if gets migrated to your lungs may affect the person's very sustenance. Instead, make use of non surgical ... 23rd February 2010 Smile Away the Frown Lines - Non Surgical Treatment! Don't hold your expressions with the intention of concealing your facial lines, wrinkles or frown lines. Expression is the nature's gift to man kind and to express openly with out worrying about your wrinkles is a gift provided by non surgical treatment. ... 23rd February 2010 Beautification Through Botox! Botox treatment is the recent invention to beautify the man kind. There have been efforts to fight against adverse effects of aging. Science has questioned the nature and is reversing the age factors. As one grows old what is the common thing that people ... 23rd February 2010 Sipping Away to Glory - Weight Loss? Does sipping tea really help? What variety of tea must be used to burn fat? It should be green tea, lemon tea and lemon grass tea. These are herbal tea bags that are used to improve immunity and acts as an anti colon agent. It is said to improve your meta... 23rd February 2010 Liposuction Risks and How to Avoid It Liposuction in simple words means removal of excess fat in various parts of your body. There is a greater concentration on the areas which needs loss of fat such as your tummy, breast, buttocks or thighs. It not only works on removing fat but also uses th... 23rd February 2010 Obesity - Fat Fighter Diet For You! Obesity, the first thing that comes into your mind is the tummy. People often develop bad paunch due to accumulated fat and lack of exercise. Fat rich food is a major culprit here. Avoid chips, burger, pizzas and other food which contains lot of butter an... 23rd February 2010 Transformation From Within - Without Cosmetic Surgery! Yoga Brisk Walk Fat burning diet Water consumption The various factors that help you transform from within are meditation through yoga, brisk walk, abdomen exercise, diet control or diet change, water consumption. It is quite a simple procedure to s... 23rd February 2010 An Appeal To All Young Leaders To Be Part Of The Global Cause! An appeal to all outstanding personalities and dignitaries in various field to join the event for a global cause. Do not ignore any of the conferences held in the world. It is time, we all start thinking about this world which is very soon going to deplet... 22nd February 2010 Global Warming and Its After Effects! - Glaciers are melting down - Heat waves are increasing - Extinction of certain species - Resulted in deluge and drought - Given rise to weird diseases - Summer has become longer than winter Extreme changes in climatic condition are due to th... 18th February 2010 Potential Young Leaders Have the Power to Transform the World! - Industrial waste - Water management - Global warming - Health hazards There is a greater appeal made to the young leaders who are well versed in the field of global issues to find out a solution to all these. One can't overlook the problems whi... 18th February 2010 Importance of Young Leaders in Global Issues! The need of the hour is to discuss the global issues such as health care, global warming, industrial waste, poverty, agriculture etc. Nothing else is important at this point of time as population is increasing and one needs to know how to resolve the issu... 18th February 2010 Men Can Also Age Gracefully - How? Three steps involved in keeping your self in good condition and to look young. Do not ignore these, there is no harm in following it. Try it, it can only do good to you and at no cost involved. Just a daily lifestyle and food habits changed to some extent... 15th January 2010 Improve your Skin Condition Naturally - Men! Every one's been focusing only on women skin from time immemorial. Does this mean that men don't require healthy skin? Ladies prefer males to have a more rugged and macho face. How would it look if it were to be healthy? Yes, you would want your husband t... 15th January 2010 How to Get Rid of Signs of Aging? Get rid of the visible signs of aging. It might be embarrassing to see weather beaten face which makes obvious your age. Who wouldn't want to conceal her age and look young? All of you, want to look younger than you are, don't you? What can you do to achi... 15th January 2010 Pep Up Your Body Shape With Good Metabolic Rate! Gaining high metabolic rate is nothing but increasing your calorie burning power. It is the amount of energy your body burns out in order to sustain. The rate at which you gain weight is all dependent on your metabolic rate. It is like a yoyo, you swing i... 15th January 2010 Lifestyle and Minor Diet Changes For Weight Loss - Without Compromising on Tasty Food! Small adjustments in life style can bring about a lot of changes in the way you look. Stop junk and replace them with eating healthy food. You can consume whole grain bread which is brown in colour instead of the normal bread. If you can't eat rotis all t... 15th January 2010 Maintain Your Body in Good Health - Tips? Do you want to wear flattering clothes? Need to grab the lime light in your cousin's wedding. How much time do you have for your cousin's wedding? If it's very short a time then fat burning diet will not help you as it takes longer to get desired results.... 15th January 2010 Importance of Eating Fruits and Vegetables Uncooked Nutrients are intact: Any food cooked beyond a certain temperature is not good for health. It is good to have food products in its original form specially veggies. Anti oxidants present in them are good for your hair follicles and skin too. Phytochemical ... 14th January 2010 Tips to Reduce Your Food Allergies Food allergies, stomach problems and indigestion are often prevalent due to the modern life style. One must understand that there is a need to change the life style as it is not right. In the long run, it will deprive you of the essential enzymes and nutr... 14th January 2010 Food Allergies - Causes and Cure Food allergies often occur when you are not eating the right stuff. In addition to this, your immune system is also not helping you in any way. You must build a strong immune system, by eating a lot of natural products which have a lot of medicinal value.... 14th January 2010 Digestive Enzymes and Their Role If you have had digestive problems in the past, it is more due to lack of digestive enzymes (DE) and probiotics. These are naturally present in your body and can also be found in the food products you eat. If you take curds as an example, it has plenty of... 14th January 2010 Styling Products - Can it do More Harm than Good? Styling products such as heating tools or ironing tools, dry blowers, hot rolls, curlers, crimping etc will make you look gorgeous. But, if you continue using this, it will cause serious problems. Make use of it once in a while if not it will have serious... 08th January 2010 Natural Tips For Gorgeous Looking Hair? If your mane has to be kept in good condition, it is not enough to oil it. Few people are not aware that simply applying oil will not let the roost absorb it. You must use heat therapy in order to ensure that the roots have absorbed it well. Take some oli... 17th December 2009 Tips - To Take Good Care of Your Hair All of you love to have gorgeous hair, soft and shiny! But, do you know what needs to be done to improve the texture of your mane and add shine and luster to it? Remember, you need to keep your follicles well moisturized. Especially, dry mane must be cond... 17th December 2009 Body Contour Enhancing Tips! Surgical procedure is popularly used for those who have saggy, excess skin as a result of weight loss. You can go for thigh lift, arm lift, breast lift. Your sagging abdomen skin can be made firmer post pregnancy. Aging and weight loss are other causes fo... 27th November 2009 Eat Nutritious Food With Lesser Amount Of Calories! If you need to lose weight, you don't have to skip your meals. Instead cut down on food high in calories and exercise regularly. Eat plenty of fruits and salads in place of chips, burgers, pizzas and other junk food. Cut down on cola drinks, if you want t... 27th November 2009 Weight Loss Post Delivery? Women often feel distressed due to weight gain during pregnancy period. Nine months of pregnancy will definitely make them gain weight due to the hormonal changes, increase in estrogen, iron and calcium supplements taken for the fetus's growth and the foo... 27th November 2009 Tips To Achieve V Shaped Figure And Beautiful Body Shape? Do you want to achieve a v-shaped figure with more muscle mass on the top, and somewhat less at the bottom? Improve your posture with proper training and a well balanced diet. You can plan out something realistic for yourself, by approaching a fitness tra... 27th November 2009 Do Away With Sagginess And Enhance Your Contours! Removal of excess body weight, is this easy? Are you contemplating on liposuction? You can work on your fatty tissues with the help of weight loss technique. It is a surgical technique that enhances your body contour and removes excess fat deposited betwe... 27th November 2009 Shape Your Body Naturally – Fat Burning Diet! Are you annoyed by your body weight and obesity? If yes, then you may be avoiding parties and social gatherings too? If this sounds like you, then its time to fight out your obesity and other weight related problems. Read this article to find out what you... 27th November 2009 Non Surgical Breast Enhancement - Why is This Considered Safe for Breast Problems? A surgical breast augmentation will require an expert surgeon to carry out a surgery on you. You will require a longer recovery period which is roughly around two to eight weeks. An incision will be made by the surgeons in or around the breast and your im... 05th October 2009 Natural Breast Uplift - Get the Desired Results! Do you have sagging breasts? Have you stopped feeding your baby and find your breasts less attractive now? A small breast implant can be combined with the uplift procedure to make your bosoms look more attractive. Sudden weight loss, post pregnancy, age f... 05th October 2009 Natural Breast Reduction - To Treat Them Through Natural Ways! Are you feeling insecure about your huge breasts? You must be traumatized when people stare at you badly and pass nasty comments. There are natural ways of reducing your breast size, if you are feeling uncomfortable. To allay all the discomforts and depre... 05th October 2009