arvind's Articles en-us Tips for sunrise and sunset photography Traveling photographs are incomplete without good sunrise and sunset photos. Many people think that sunrise and sunset photography is very difficult to take and most of the time we try and still not able to get it appropriately. Every travel tour is incom... 10th June 2010 Basic tips to enhance indoor photography Indoor photography is the challenging subjects for professional and amateur photographers. Due to lack of natural light, lack of the windows and artificial lights create unattractive and at times undistinguishable images. There are certain ways to wor... 02nd June 2010 Tips to enhance architectural photography Architectural photography can be interesting and creative. Architectural images should not just be graphic and aesthetic. They must also portray movement and dynamism. There are many ways and techniques to click interior and exterior home photography. ... 29th May 2010 Tips for home photography Exterior and interior home photography can be difficult at times. But if you follow certain techniques and methods, then the result would certainly come as an outstanding. There are many techniques and many ways to click interior and exterior home phot... 23rd May 2010 Tips to improve your photos Some occasions, holidays and several events give vast photo-shooting opportunities to take all the festive background, scene and also the people present at the event. Events like parties and weddings create good images which capture each and every moment.... 11th May 2010 Tips for Landscape and seascape photography Landscape and seascape photography are great fun to explore. It keeps you fit, adventurous; it is quite relaxing as most of the time you are in the beautiful sight and also it is quite rewarding when you get the appreciation of your work. The wide ang... 10th May 2010 Tips for equine photography Equine photography is a creative kind of photography. To capture the horse and racer moving around the barrel is a very fascinating photography. This kind of photography needs action and speed; therefore it requires good angles at the shooting time. S... 06th April 2010 Tips for improving the portrait photographs How many times you have wished after looking at your photographs that they could look be little better. Do your photos experience common faults like out of the focus, bad lighting, and lack of detail. Your pictures are your wonderful memories, so make... 23rd March 2010 Tips for bird photography Taking the beautiful photographs of the birds could be very gratifying but also, it can be very challenging. The Birds move very fast and they rarely sit. Although there are certain tricks which you can use to attract them. But remember, practice and pati... 08th March 2010 Tips to improve landscape photography This kind of photography might be difficult at times, but if you follow certain tips, it would not only make your task easier but also it would help you to improve and enhance your landscape photography. Keep the horizon horizontal It hardly matters w... 01st March 2010 Techniques for capturing nature photography Fine art nature photography is taking the moment. It is about considering the nature from the eyes of a photographer. The basic idea behind the fine art photography is to communicate; fine art nature photography captures nature at its best. Nature pho... 10th February 2010 Early morning photographing tips It is a renowned fact that all of us know that there are only two times where we find the light most perfect for taking spectacular photos i.e. sunset and sunrise. Only on sunset and sunrise, we find the angle between the earth's surface and sun is sm... 09th February 2010 Few tips for redesigning your Portfolio website There might be some probable and good reasons, if you are planning to redesign your portfolio websites. It is might be because you are not getting adequate business, or perhaps you would want to add more features or it could be just that you are simply ti... 08th February 2010 Essential tips for wildlife photography Wildlife photography is dedicated to capture interesting and attractive animals in the action, like fighting, eating, sleeping etc. The techniques which are used in wildlife photography are far more different from the techniques that are used in nature, l... 05th February 2010 Important points to enhance your images It's important to note that how you are clicking the photographs and also how to avoid those difficulties which often happen with automatic digital cameras. So, here are ten tips which would help you to enhance your digital photograph and of course he... 21st December 2009