Vipin Mishra's Articles en-us Sony C903 Black- Cyber Shot phone! Sony C903 Black Cyber shot is the most recently launched handset by Sony with its 8 mega pixel camera that is ready to snap sharp and quality stills anytime. Boasting some tremendous functionality such as video capturing, 16 x digital zooming, face detect... 15th June 2009 Sony C901 White- Stunning Design! Sony C901 White is a sliding design that gives the impression of a stylish, elegant and compact design at the first glance. It is exceptionally beautiful and comes equipped with lots of attractive and interesting features such as 5 mega pixel camera with ... 15th June 2009 Sony C901 Pink- Beautiful Mobile Phone! This brand new model comes integrated with astonishing 5 mega pixel camera comes with best features including face detection, image stabilization, digital zoom, photo flash, auto rotate and auto focus. These options are highly significant for clicking top... 15th June 2009 Samsung Tobi Pink- Great Design! Samsung has announced its recent model namely Samsung Tobi Pink that is specifically customized for young adults, teens and anyone who wants to experience safety and fun feature from their handsets. This cool handset comes with unique Tobi themes comp... 15th June 2009 Samsung Tobi S3033 Blue The Samsung Tobi S3033 Blue is a trendy phone aimed for the youngsters and who wants to have fun. Samsung Tobi S3033 Blue is perfect for the person who wants to possess something which is different from the crowd. This phone has some of the coolest fea... 15th June 2009 Samsung S9402 – a Dual SIM phone with multiple uses The Samsung S9402 mobile phone is great to have around. It doesn't matter what kind of person you are; you might be in high school and like listening to music, watching clips and taking photos, or you might be a working person who wants to write or edit d... 15th June 2009 Samsung S9402 – A Classic Mobile Phone! Samsung S9402 is most popular among young generation as it sustains some amazing and exciting features. The display screen of this mobile phone is 2 inch long that uses the resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Its overall weight of 140 gm and dimensions of 115... 15th June 2009 Samsung S9402- Appealing Design! Samsung S9402, also popular with the name Samsung S9402 Ego has not just been confined to simple communication and connectivity features, but it comes with some amazing multimedia features. Those who are looking for something interesting and exciting in m... 15th June 2009 Samsung S9402 – Eye Catching Handset! With the introduction of this latest handset Samsung S9402, Samsung is trying to target a high end sector of the market. The bar type design preserves a stunning look, when it comes to its features; it competes with latest handsets of other leading mobile... 15th June 2009 Samsung S9402- Introducing beauty and functionality in single box! Now-a-days, mobile phone mania among teenagers is increasing day by day; it can be easily considered from the fact that every youth takes it as his style statement to behold expansive and luxurious handsets in hands. Therefore, Samsung has come up with Sa... 15th June 2009 Samsung S7330 –For Those Who Love Photography! Samsung S7330 is a spectacular sliding concept that comes equipped with several user friendly features such as several input methods, HSDPA technology, 3 mega pixel camera smile detection and touch screen display. Samsung S7330- An outstanding design w... 15th June 2009 Samsung S5600- Introducing music and photography in single box! Samsung S5600 is the most recently launched handset of Samsung and implements 3G technologies. It is a full touch screen smart phone and is also taken as the successor of Samsung S5320. It is solid enough and measures about 92 gm including battery; the di... 15th June 2009 Samsung S5600 – Great Design! The brand new Samsung S5600 appeals trendy consumers with its compact and slimmest design. It engraves a 2.8 inches full touch screen display that makes use of Touch wiz interface to personalize or customize the way users use their handset. It also in... 15th June 2009 Samsung S3030 Tobi- Nice Multimedia Phone! The major reason why Samsung S3030 Tobi has become so popular among the young audiences is its pre installed innovative handset technologies and construction quality. It has been made available in various sizzling and striking color contrasts, all of whic... 15th June 2009 Samsung S3030 Tobi- Wonderful Gadget! Samsung S3030 Tobi is another classic and stylish handset from Samsung and retains a sliding concept. When the unit is moved to one side, a smooth keypad is revealed. One of the most appealing and impressive thing about this handset is that it is smaller ... 15th June 2009 Samsung Omnia i8910 HD Samsung Omnia i8910 HD has really provided a blueprint of mobile manufacturing to other pioneering mobile manufacturing companies. Samsung has always got positive reception from all over the world for its high definition and feature loaded smart phones, a... 15th June 2009 Samsung Omnia i8910 HD- Great Handset! Samsung Omnia i8910 HD has been released by Samsung on February, 2009 with a complete package of entertainment as well as business features. This touch screen handset comes with incredible display screen of 3.7 inches that uses the resolution of 360 x 640... 15th June 2009 Samsung Omnia i8910 HD – Mobile with additional features The Samsung Omnia i8910 HD is comprehensive entertainment mobile. It is a camera phone packed with multifarious functions. This handset is a gift of technology. It is a Touch screen phone and has been the most popular phone in 2008. This mobile has gi... 15th June 2009 Samsung Omnia i8910 HD – A great handset The Samsung Omnia i8910 HD is all set to rock the mobile world through its innovative and stunning multimedia features. It is the most recent 3 G phone launched by Samsung. This mobile has been released this year. The gadget is a Touch screen phone. D... 15th June 2009 Samsung M 8800 – A feature Loaded Mobile Phone! Samsung M 8800 is a feature loaded handset that runs on the interface of touchwiz. It supports an 8 mega pixel camera that has huge options for picture enhancement like advanced shake reduction feature, wide dynamic range, geo tagging and face recognition... 15th June 2009 Samsung M8800 Pink- Beautiful Handset! Samsung M8800 Pink is the latest huge mega pixel camera, big touch screen handset from Samsung. Working on the interface of TouchWiz surface, it is a user friendly handset and easy to use. It comes loaded with several interesting multimedia features s... 13th June 2009 Samsung M8800- Innovative Gadget! With high definition features and stunning look, Samsung M8800 is a well designed handset that comes loaded with a touch screen interface. The vivacious TFT 3.2 inches display screen with the support of about 256 thousand colors renders the pixel resoluti... 13th June 2009 Samsung M8800- Beautiful Gadget! Samsung M8800 is a stylish and feature packed mobile phone that operates on the user friendly interface of touchwiz. It integrates 8 MP camera that has various significant options for the enhancement of picture quality such as geo tagging, face recognitio... 13th June 2009 Samsung M7600- Music Phone! Samsung M7600 is a touch screen smart phone with lots of differences and uniqueness in its design and functionality as compare to other recently launched touch screen phones. It is featured by some awesome music features such as DJ application for making ... 13th June 2009 Samsung M7600- Ideal Design! If you are bored of holding that bulky and technologically full handset and want a refreshing change, then Samsung M7600 presents an ideal option for that. It comes loaded with slight touch of recent technologies and entertainment features that will defin... 13th June 2009 Samsung M7500- For Music Lovers! Samsung has introduced its latest model Samsung M7500 that carries the brand of Emporia Armani and preserves all latest technologies inside. It is loaded with loads of several exciting and interesting features; moreover its outer appearance is also stunni... 13th June 2009 Samsung M7500 – Adding to your style statement! Samsung M7500 is much awaited handset of Samsung and comes with a complete list of excellent features like advanced version of Bluetooth technology, edge technology for directing easy and fast transfer of data and massive memory support. Memory specifi... 13th June 2009 Samsung m7500-Phone for the fashion conscious Samsung m7500 is the top luxury phone that one can buy. It is made by Korean giant Samsung. Article This phone was designed by Fashion leader Giorgio Armani last year and is also referred by as Samsung Armani m7500. If one wants to keep in touch wh... 13th June 2009 Samsung M6710- Great Design! Samsung has been in the industry of mobile manufacturing for years and have launched various feature loaded smart phones to the lovers of trendy and stylish handsets. With the introduction of Samsung M6710, the company has proved its expertise in the fiel... 13th June 2009 Samsung M3510- Incredible Handset! Samsung M3510 is a slender and stylish design of Samsung that makes it rocking debut as Samsung's first bar type music phone. It is boosted by numerous music features including motion control and music hotkeys. The other major features integrated in t... 13th June 2009 Samsung M3510- Music Device! Samsung M3510 is the most recently launched mobile phone of Samsung and is all set to astound the mobile industry through its mind blowing and outstanding features. This music phone preserving the candy bar shape looks so elegant and modish; the customers... 13th June 2009 Samsung M3510- Good multimedia Gadget! Samsung M3510 is a stylish and slender design launched by Samsung and has achieved world wide appreciations as first handset by the company with bar type shape. It is augmented by incorporating a wide array of amusement features such as music hot keys... 13th June 2009 Samsung i900 Purple The Samsung i900 is the new mobile phone launched by Samsung Mobile. It is also called Samsung i900 Omnia. Article This Window Mobile pocket PC is a very strong competitor to 3G iphone. Key features of Samsung i900 Purple The Samsung i900 is... 13th June 2009 Samsung i8910 HD Some pictures of Samsung i8910 are revealed it is indeed similar to running Nokia S60 5th edition on the symbian OS. This mobile phone is expected to launch after 2009 Mobile World Congress event to be held in Barcelona. Article The Samsung i8910 H... 13th June 2009 Samsung i7110 Samsung i7110 is the successor to the Samsung i550 symbian smart phone. Although this phone has not been officially announced as yet but some details have been slipped by. Article Samsung i7110 brings lots of novelties in performance. One can easil... 13th June 2009 Samsung i7110 – An outstanding Multimedia tool! Samsung i7110 uses advanced Symbian operating system in appropriate outfit with soul. From the time of its availability in market place, it is scoring high among fashion stakes with high speed Wi-Fi, GPS, 5 mega pixel camera and Symbian OS with latest upd... 13th June 2009 Samsung i7110- A smart phone Here is Samsung presenting before its customers its new series Samsung i7110. This is a slim smart phone which packed with a number of smart features. It is crammed up with the latest technology. Technology and Appearance: This phone is provided wi... 13th June 2009 Nokia N 97- A stunning handset! Nokia unveiled much awaited Nokia N97 recently in Barcelona that is known as latest mobile gadget. It is supposed to completely change the way individuals connect with each other and also to internet. Specially designed for the meeting with the needs of i... 13th June 2009 Nokia N 85 Nokia unveiled its latest multimedia handset Nokia N 85 in mobile market to set completely new standards in sharing, gaming and mobile entertainment. Along with stunning OLED 2.6 inches screen and its sleek or smooth finishing is more than enough to attra... 13th June 2009 Nokia N97 – Efficient Mobile Nokia has made a landmark in the mobile industry. It is well known for its quality. Nokia N97 is a next generation mobile. This gadget is said that this handset is far better than the iPhone. This phone has a variety of features. This phone is very much s... 12th June 2009 Nokia N97 – An advanced mobile The new Nokia N97 is one of the smartest and advanced mobile phone launched by the Nokia N series so far. This handset is crammed with tons of amazing features inside. This is one of the best phones with multimedia options. In the market this mobile is se... 12th June 2009 Nokia N96: An Outstanding 3G Smartphone with Multiple Features Nokia N96 is an outstanding 3G Smartphone belonging to the family of N-Series from Nokia. It is fully loaded with a number of multi-media features and offers 2.8 inch colour screen displays with 16 million colours. Nokia N96 is a 2 way slide mobile and co... 12th June 2009 Nokia N86 White Nokia N86 is the latest offering from the Nokia Company. The Nokia N86 White has an 8 mega pixel camera that takes brilliant clear images which can easily uploaded in sites like Flikr or Ovi share. Article The Nokia N86 has given personal element t... 12th June 2009 Nokia N86 8MP Nokia itself is a synonym of completeness. It has always come up with its hottest inventions that assist the user in numerous functions. The most up to the date launch of Nokia is N86 which is an excellent phone as it comes with soaring end features whi... 12th June 2009 Nokia N86 8MP Black Nokia has released new handset that is N86 8MP has been made aiming at the buyers of which is basically made for camera lovers. LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson There were already many brands were already there who had already launched their products in the... 12th June 2009