jenniferlevine's Articles en-us Roll Back The Years With Face Lift Surgery There are number of components that constitute an aging face which include lines, wrinkles, loss of facial volume, skin pigmentation, and spots. These collectively take away the luster and vigor from your face, making it look lifeless. Do you wish to bani... 01st March 2011 Get Natural Looking Results With Right FaceLift Surgeon With aging, our face not only loses elasticity and develops fatigued skin, but it also loses fat and muscle tone. The skin begins to wrinkle and sag as a result of sun exposure, stress, and genetics. Universal desire to look younger and vibrant has given ... 28th February 2011 How to Select a New York Plastic Surgeon who is Right For You Cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is no more restricted to celebrities and is very popular among common folks. Just go to any search engine and write cosmetic or plastic surgery, you will be inundated with millions of results. Not only is internet flooded wit... 25th February 2011 NYC Rhinoplasty Getting Prepared For The Surgery Irrespective of how simple a surgery might be, even the thought of going under the knife sends cold shivers through the bodies of most people. And when the surgery is related to your overall appearance, it is sure to make you extremely nervous. People, w... 19th January 2011