trippmarxx's Articles en-us Tanning Bed Lotions - Why Indoor Tanning Lotions Work It's no secret - tanning bed lotions are what many people turn to in order to help them get that nice, amazing, dark complected skin that nearly "glows" with beauty (besides, if a lotion can help accelerate your tan, why not use it, right?). It has become... 23rd June 2011 Best Self Tanner - 3 Reasons to Use Self Tanning Lotions Some say that nothing can make you look good and feel great like a nice, well-rounded tan. Millions of people are on the constant chase for that deep, dark bronze look year after year, turning tanning alone into a billion dollar industry. For those who... 23rd June 2011 Cheap Tanning Lotions - How You Can Get Tanning Lotion at a Discount Let's be real for a minute - if you're someone who goes tanning often (and we're talking multiple times per week), you probably already know just how expensive tanning supplies are. In fact, you probably purchase your tanning supplies directly from the sa... 26th May 2011 Best Tanning Lotions - The Top 3 Indoor Tanning Lotions You Will Ever Need to Use There is no denying it - dark, bronze colored skin is the ultimate look that thousands of people strive to achieve each and every year. Unfortunately, most people can't just head over to the beach each day to soak up the rays of the sun. Instead, they res... 26th May 2011 Why Black Tanning Lotion Is the Best Tanning Lotion for Tanning Beds If you're an avid "UV worshipper", you already know that maintaining beautifully bronzed skin can be a lot of work. Keeping a nice, radiant bronze glow all year long requires a trip to the tan salon at least once or twice per week. And, when you combine y... 17th May 2011