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15th October 2010

Advantages of Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free telephone numbers pave the way for increased customer interaction and have proved successful in attracting new customers and in retaining the existing client base. The toll-free phone numbers encourage customers to call your business more often ...

12th October 2010

Virtual PBX Systems with Advanced Telecommunication Features

In future, telecommunication is going to rule the world because communication facilities is must for a country and a country with the best telecommunication facilities will enjoy all the technological inventions in a most effective and useful way. Telecom...

02nd October 2010

Choosing Your Voip phone Service

Voip, these four letters when combined gives a meaning to the business people. The voip phone services are popular nowadays and it has been the very useful phone service for the business people. What is voip? Voip is an abbreviated word for voice over int...

30th September 2010

How to Order a Custom Phone Number for Your Business

Getting good domain names is a tough task and even custom toll free number suffers the same luck. You must be seeking a custom phone number for your business or for your home; you need to take into account a number of factors like features, price and conv...

28th September 2010

Drawbacks of Hosted Phone System

Many companies are taking advantage of the features available with a hosted phone system which is often referred as virtual phone system. This is because they can still enjoy the flexibility and savings of voip system along with using the on-site offering...

27th September 2010

The Expense of Fax Service in 2010

How much does a secure fax service cost in 2010? - But the price factor is becoming almost redundant as the benefits of a secure fax service are far too many and it is has today become an imperative need for all business houses, regardless of costs. It...

23rd September 2010

Advantage of Small Business Hosted PBX System

Communication is very important in all aspects of life and in business; there should be proper communication facilities for the success of business. Telephone plays a vital role in the life of general public and in business organizations. A PBX system is ...

21st September 2010

How to Choose the Best VoIP Carrier for Your Needs

VoIP has been creating a stir among the telephony users and has been a growing trend recently. This is due to the special features being offered by the system which is absent in the traditional phone service. In addition, people also receives all the attr...

17th September 2010

How Much Does a Secure Fax Service Cost in 2010?

The heading is quite interesting, how much does a secure fax service cost in 2010? If you are running a business you would have definitely known about the essential of fax service in your business. Before getting an answer to the question, we will see som...

09th September 2010

Dealing unwanted faxes with reverse fax lookup services

Many communication devices that we use today must have looked like a dream a few decades back. Faxes and telephone have formed an indispensable part in everyone's life because they are tremendously useful. For many people, cell phones have become a part o...

08th September 2010

VoIP Security Issues - How Safe is Your Line?

Voice over IP has become the indispensable face of communication in businesses of all sizes. But the mode of communication has certain security issues that need to be considered seriously. A number of security threats exists among which the denial of serv...

01st September 2010

Do Fax Machines Go Well With Voip?

Do fax machines go well with voip? We are going to discuss about this topic in brief and in order to understand the topic, let us see briefly about fax, voip service and combination of both. And I hope after reading this article, you will get an answer fo...

31st August 2010

Evaluating Small Business Phone Systems with Switchboards

In every business to gain impression from customer is of greater importance. And to achieve this on regular basis a business phone system will be highly useful. As your business starts to grow you will need to fulfill the needs of customers in a most flex...

27th August 2010

Main advantages of managed VoIP services

With technological advancements in place, the VoIP networks have replaced the traditional phone systems. However the cost of implementing and operating the VoIP can be overwhelming. The price range can be hefty for a small size company. Also people are re...

25th August 2010

How to receive faxes via email

If you don't have extensive home offices and yet need to receive faxes on occasion, you would surely be dealing with a frustrating situation. The matter becomes worse if you don't have a fax machine or a number to provide the sender. As a solution to all ...