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12th January 2010

The Right Wood Picture Frames For Your Artwork

Finding the right wood picture frame for your art can be as much of a challenge as creating that art in the first place. Wood picture frames may compliment the art being displayed, or may contrast with it; sometimes, a wood frame can be part of the artwor...

12th January 2010

The Right Metal Picture Frame for Your Art Photography

While paintings are traditionally framed in wood, art photography usually calls for metal picture frames. However, you'll want to be careful about the metal picture frame that you use; the wrong metal picture frame can greatly detract from the artifact. I...

07th May 2009

Use Stretcher Frames To Tighten Your Fine Art Canvas

stretcher frames, like regular artwork frames, are made out of wood. But that is where their similarities end. Stretcher frames are used as a structure upon which an artwork canvas is laid and attached. The stretcher frame is used to get the art canvas...