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26th November 2009

Megan Fox Dating Relationship

"So has Megan Fox been a bad girl? In the world of the Megan Fox Dating Relationship roller coaster, it seems nothing is certain. Both the National Enquirer and he Star agree that Fox not only lip locked with former teen heart throb Shia LeBeouf (you may ...

26th November 2009

Marvel Ironman

"One of the best Marvel IronMan story lines was the "Demon in a Bottle" story. It tells the story of Tony Stark slowly descending into the oblivion that comes from drinking excessively and at all hours of the day. Here is a brief run down of the plot: ...

26th November 2009

Janet Jackson Superbowl

"I'm sure you've heard about it by now, but just in case you've been living in a cave for the past decade or so, here's a brief recap of the Janet Jackson Superbowl controversy: During the 38th Superbowl game (Superbowl XXXVIII as it is officially know...

26th November 2009

Ironman Suit Games

"A search on Google for Ironman games brought up lots of material. For example, there are the official games based on the movie where you can don the Iron Man suit and actually go flying around saving the world from bad guys. You can use the suit to shoot...

26th November 2009

Ironman 2

"If you're a die hard Iron Man fan and just cannot wait for the movie Ironman 2 to arrive in theaters, just wait 'till you hear about this: Two lucky (and presumably obscenely wealthy) fans will be having the time of their lives when they get to personall...

26th November 2009


"So exactly who is the Ironman? We've all seen the movie, but let's hear a little something about how this character was first created. He is of course based on a super hero from a comic book. The character first appeared in Tales of Suspense #39 (March 1...

26th November 2009

Iron Man 2 Trailer

Iron Man 2 Movie Trailer E.M. Hammer You wanted it and now it's here: Iron Man 2 is coming to a theater near you this spring. The question of course is what it's about and when the official trailer is going to come out. We don't have the official trai...

25th November 2009

Ellen Degeneres Joins American Idol

Well it's official: The Fox network has announced that Ellen DeGeneres will be joining the judge's table for the 9th season of the hit TV show that showcases unknown talents who are trying to make it in the big time, American Idol. And the news that "Elen...