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06th May 2011

800 Numbers: Stay in Touch from Anywhere

Toll free numbers or 800 numbers have grown in popularity in recent times - particularly amongst the business community. These numbers have come to be recognized as effective marketing tools to enlarge client base and to develop closer rapport with the cu...

04th May 2011

The Significance of Call Forwarding Service

Call forwarding is an extraordinarily useful feature in telephone system that enables an incoming call to be redirected to another telephone or mobile phone where the called party is available. The biggest benefit of call forwarding feature - particularly...

03rd May 2011

How to Find Right VoIP Service Providers

There are numerous VOIP service providers making attractive offers to grab your business and hence it becomes important for you to choose the right VoIP service provider who is reputed, reliable and is sensitive to your business communication needs. Wh...

03rd May 2011

The Future of Internet Fax Service

The writing on the wall is clear - the entire business community knows that the Internet or email fax services is fast becoming the order of the day and the traditional fax machines are disappearing from business premises and with it the cumbersome method...

14th April 2011

The Origin of Voicemail Service

Voicemail may be defined as a type of messaging service that enables the recording, storing and transferring of voice messages. Voicemail facility has today become commonplace and is now a standard feature with mobile networks. Although during the init...

12th April 2011

Why You Need Toll Free Numbers Now

Toll free numbers have steadily gained in importance and today more and more business enterprises have begun to recognize toll free numbers as a powerful marketing tool to enlarge their customer base and improve customer relations. By mentioning toll-f...

11th April 2011

Toll Free Number - Does Your Business Have It?

All business enterprises uniformly acknowledge the fact that Toll-free telephone numbers are a powerful marketing tool to attract new customers, develop closer rapport with the existing customers and generally enlarge the customer-base. The salient featur...

08th April 2011

An Overview of Online Fax System

One of the modern-day technological blessings is the ability to fax online - getting rid of the traditional fax machines and with it all its attendant problems. Internet faxing, as the term suggests, it uses the Internet and email system to send and recei...

05th April 2011

Internet Fax: Easy Way to Send Your Faxes Online

Internet fax is becoming increasingly popular in business circles because of its multiple advantages over traditional faxing methods. To avail Internet fax facility, you need no extra phone line, no separate fax machine nor the necessity to regularly buy ...

05th April 2011

The Origin of Call Forwarding Service

In telephone communications, Call Forwarding is a key feature whereby the networks will enable an incoming call to reach the called person even if he/ she are unavailable at the particular phone point. By virtue of Call Forwarding feature, the call will b...

04th April 2011

All about Virtual Phone System

Any business owner who is aspiring to increase the customer-base, enlarge the sales and improve the overall productivity will appreciate the critical need for effective communication facilities. The one assured way to bring about the overall efficiency of...

30th March 2011

VoIP Service Provider Role in Your Business

The prime consideration of all business houses - regardless of its size and scale of operations - is how to reduce expenses and increase profits. It is to save costs and to enjoy the many advantages that businesses are switching over to the feature-rich V...

28th March 2011

Are 800 Numbers Essential?

If you want your customers to interact with you more and discuss at length about the nature and pricing of your products and services, then you will have to necessarily provide them the facility of 800 numbers. The simple logic is - why should you make yo...

23rd March 2011

The Significance of Voicemail Service

In today's fast paced business environs when every business owner is pressed for time, voice mail service is a technological blessing. If you are away from your office or not able to answer a call at that moment for any reason, a message is left to facili...

21st March 2011

VoIP Phone System - Why Does My Business Need?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, simply defined, is a technology that converts analog voice signals into digital data packets to facilitate two-way transmission of conversations in real time using the Internet. VoIP is today revolutionizi...