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16th March 2011

0800 Numbers Attract Customers To Growing Businesses

Toll free phone numbers, such as 0800 numbers are great for businesses, especially service oriented businesses and telemarketers. They allow a caller to reach a business by telephone without charges. The charges are paid by the company that uses the 0800 ...

16th March 2011

0800 Numbers Are The Time-Tested Money-Savers

0800 numbers are the classic free phone numbers that are in use now for generations, as they serve some of the largest businesses in the UK for their customer contact needs. Now, thanks to providers who specialize in obtaining 0800 numbers for British ...

21st February 2011

Is VoIP The Key To Cheap International Calls?

Today, there is great demand for cheap international calls. That's because basic rates are not affordable enough to meet the needs that globalization places on us. In order to fill this need, a number of alternative options for making cheap international ...

07th February 2011

Options For Making Cheap International Calls

In this age of technology, making cheap international calls is not as simple as it should be. That's because this is big business and the phone companies don't want you to know about the alternatives. But thanks to the Internet, it's not that easy to supp...

07th February 2011

Cheap International Calls On Your Mobile

When using a cell phone internationally, it's easy to rack up exorbitant mobile charges. Even with the major carriers' international plans, the rates are outrageous. And if you use your phone internationally without such a plan, the bill can be a backbrea...

07th February 2011

Using Calling Cards To Make Cheap Calls To Pakistan

Prepaid international calling cards are an excellent and versatile way to make cheap calls to Pakistan. But you should know a few things before choosing this option. Here are several pointers that will help you use prepaid calling cards to make cheap call...

07th February 2011

Using Skype To Make Cheap Calls To Pakistan

Skype and software applications like it have become the most popular options for making cheap calls to Pakistan and other areas that incur exorbitant landline and mobile fees. But the concept can be more than a little intimidating to those unfamiliar with...

07th February 2011

Cheap Calls To Pakistan: The Options

Those of us with friends and family living in Pakistan face a great challenge in keeping in touch with them. The telephone charges can be prohibitive even when limiting ourselves to short, infrequent calls. Today, people throughout the world are more conn...

13th January 2011

The Evolution Of Cheap International Calls

Before the Internet, cheap international calls simply didn't exist. A traditional phone call was the only option available, and the telecommunications industry used this limited supply to maintain high rates. While difficult to imagine from a modern persp...