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About Me: I am William Ribblett, an author and consultant on aging. I research and review all the latest studies being done on health and fitness for those approaching middle age and older and sift through all the information to come up with the best advice available. I share the results through my websites, blogs and articles on subject of importance to these indivuduals. I worked 30 years developing help for classroom teacher and for several years provided a "Survive and Thrive"program to reabilitate burned-out teachers. Much of my research was done through the years of working in this program and seeing the amazing results of taking a burned-out person and bringing them back to health and productivity. You can visit my sites: and or you can contact me at


17th June 2011

The Best Life Diet

Today's environment has always been but has become more toxic to the human body. Pollutants and disease are attacking the body constantly. However, the human body is a powerful machine, and like all machines must be taken care of on a regular maintenance ...