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18th February 2011

Trusted Internet ID Obama’s top priority

The Obama administration is currently working on a scheme that will make a cyberspace utopia where financial transactions and exchanges of information are conducted in a secure environment. United State Commerce Secretary Gary Locke has revealed plans...

24th November 2010

US Teens Hooked on Texting

Is it really hard to imagine teens sending and receiving more text messages than their adult counterparts? Just watch a teen grab a hold of a mobile phone and do some rapid-fire texting, all while talking to you, Twittering, listening to their iPod, and w...

06th July 2010

New York Times Writers Not Allowed to Use "Tweet" Word

The New York Times has banned its writers from using the word "Tweet" when referring to Twitter posts. NY Times standards editor Phil Corbett said the word may be popular but it has not yet achieved standard English status; hence, it should not be use...

04th June 2010

Your Mobile Phone Could be Spying on You

You might say you feel naked without your ever-reliable, multi-function smartphone. But do you know that just by having your mobile phone in the same room while you get dressed or share intimate moments with your partner, another person halfway across the...

14th May 2010

Library of Congress to Archive Tweets

If you're one to post practically anything that enters your head on Twitter, be it a rant about your two-timing ex-boyfriend, a juicy gossip about your neighbor, or an update about what you're eating for dinner, you may want to rethink that now that all T...

24th February 2010

Study Links Depression to Heavy Internet Use

Psychologists from the Leeds University in the U.K. say there is a strong link between depression and Internet addiction. The study, published in the journal Psychopathology, surveyed 1,319 individuals aged 16 to 51 (average age is 21) and found 1.2 p...

07th December 2009

Hosted VoIP- An Option

Here I am, stuck on VoIP again. At least I'm not stuck in Lodi. Some of you might be thinking I am beating this theme to death but there is just so much going on with the continuing evolution of VoIP that I would be sued for negligence if I don't talk abo...

25th November 2009

Telecom Acronyms Explained

There is no other industry I have seen, including the military, that uses acronyms as much as the telecom industry. Something that seems as simple as picking up the handset, dialing a number and getting someone on the other end can be rendered totally con...