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18th July 2011

ShoreTel QOS on CISCO Switches?

Quality of Service or QOS remains an interesting and challenging configuration for most engineers deploying VoIP solutions. Generally you are concerned about QOS on both your Local Area network (LAN) and your Wide Area Network (WAN).Though the principle...

18th July 2011

ShoreTel “Twinning” ring your desk and cell at the same time

So there I am, on the my desk phone, talking to some very important client and I now have 45 minutes to make an appoint that is 1 hour away by car! The client is important and we have been trying to link up for days! I also have to be at this next appoint...

05th May 2011

ShoreTel Route a Call based on Area Code or Mood

Maybe we could use ShoreTel “Call handling modes” to get the job done? Features like “Personal Operator” and “Find/Follow Me” are offered to callers once they are in your Voice message box and they can be very useful by offering callers options beyond lea...