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05th October 2011

Current Affairs of the World

Current affairs are not merely the occurrence of events or incidents, but the study, analysis and then the representation of the affairs in front of the general mass. They reach us through various mediums like newspapers, radio, magazines, television, int...

19th August 2011

Current Affairs in India

In today’s world, the growing need for knowledge of current affairs is very evident. Staying aware and vigilant is a necessity. It is an unpredictable world and every minute an incident occurs which affects us eventually. Technology has made it easier to ...

13th April 2011

Current Affairs 2011: Economic and Corporate

There have been a lot of things happening in 2011. The New Year has brought along many good things and many bad things, if somebody is enjoying victory over a hard earned achievement, somebody else is crying over the death of a loved one. These current af...

06th April 2011

Corporate and Science current affairs

Corporate news and Science current affairs are an important part of the current affairs section, and provide us with information regarding the stand of our country in the international market or the challenges in the science field, various discoveries and...

23rd March 2011

National Current affairs

Having knowledge of current affairs is very essential to give examinations. Especially in bank examinations and civil service examination there is a specific section for current affairs questions and answers. There are various national affairs. It is not...