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08th July 2010

Production and Rating of 200

Written as well as directed by the series co-founder Trey Parker, "200" was rated as TV-MA L in United States. In the beginning it aired on Comedy Central in United States on 14 April 2010. It was 200th episode of the chain. Parker & Stone conceive, ...

08th July 2010

200: 5th Episode of South Park Season 14

"200" or the famous fifth episode of 14th season of South Park was first aired on Comedy Central in US on 14 April 2010. In the episode, all the celebrities who are teased by the residents of South Park prepare to file class act proceedings against the ci...

08th July 2010

Recent Hype and Publicity around One of the Season 14 South Park Episodes

The Hype was created when an episode (200) of Season 14 South Park was followed by a warning. The website for the association Revolution Muslim, New York-based essential Muslim association, posted the entry that comprised a warning to the creators Stone a...