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17th October 2011

Pick Leotards For The Perfect Ballet Postures And Alignment

The life positive energy and vigor that dance brings cannot justly be described in words. Dancing is a living art. It is the essence of every moment, even though it is a very old form of art. Dance is a poem wherein every movement is a word. Dance these d...

07th March 2011

Leotards- For the Beautiful Swans

To dance is to extract pleasure from life to its core. Dancing is the most beautiful and soul touching activity that the human body is capable of doing. When your body glides through the dance floor and you move along the rhythm, there is no other moment ...

27th January 2011

Dances from the Indian Subcontinent 2- Bharatnatayam

The Indian subcontinent is known all around the world for its rich cultural heritage. Art and architecture of India has traveled all across the globe in form of books, movies, stories and through the migrants too. All over the world the Indian culture has...

10th January 2011

Dance like an Egyptian!!!

Dance in ancient Egypt and many ancient civilizations was an essential part of the social life of the common man. The main form of dance in Egypt was the belly dancing. The name of the dance is somewhat a misnomer as every body part is equally involved, t...

17th December 2010

Dance Shoes

Most of us start out on dancing as a summer holidays activity or just because our friends are joining the classes and you have nothing better to do. But dance is an activity that soon turns into the biggest passion of our lives. The enthusiasm that dance ...

22nd November 2010

The Benefits of Dance

Since ages Dance has been a favorite hobby of children and adults alike. In the current times people are clubbing this beautiful form of art with exercise to keep fit physically, mentally and also spiritually. Learning an art form like dance has numerous ...

03rd November 2010

Dance on the Internet

The internet provides a vast variety of dance wear and dance accessories. Online sites become a great source of dance wear because of the staggering variety they offer. You can find apparels for rehearsals, performances or gymnastics, online stores are fu...

19th August 2010

Dance and Culture

Since time immemorial dance and culture have been interwoven. Almost all the ancient civilizations of the world had their distinct forms of dances. Along with the evolution of the humankind evolved the dance forms. Across continents and oceans, different...

10th August 2010

Dance- The Hollywood Style

Some of the best Hollywood flicks have their plots based on Dance. These movies have inspired generations to follow their heart. Dance holds in itself the potential to release and make you soar higher than you ever knew you could. These movies have also ...

14th July 2010

Dance to the rhythm of life

Dance is a classic way to unleash the power of your soul with dance. The advantages of dance can be known to the dancer only. Along with the numerous health benefits it brings along a song, a song with the pulsating rhythm of life. The passion is too stro...

01st July 2010

The Dance of Life

Online Dance Accessory Stores and Dance Costume Stores are changing the face of dance industry rapidly. A dancer would always have a better view and comprehension of life, because dance embodies in itself life. For a dancer there is nothing more pleas...