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23rd May 2011

How to Choose a Commercial Photographer

There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing a commercial photographer. However, with so many to choose from these days, how do you narrow down your search? Recommendations are always handy but there are plenty of other things to consider before m...

02nd February 2011

The Basics of Internet Video Production

If you've decided to use web video to promote your business, then how do you get your target audience to watch it? Chances are your competitors are already doing it and there are literally thousands of web videos available which are just a simple click aw...

02nd February 2011

Interactive in online video production

If you are using web video to promote your business, and increase sales, then similarly to other forms of marketing, you need to incorporate a strong call to action. With so much competition these days, it is vital to make the purchasing process easy for ...

06th October 2010

Catalogue Photography: A Professionalís Guide

Companies have used catalogues for years to promote their products. For many it can be the primary medium in which to showcase their product range. An important part of catalogues are the photos used to visually display the product and its features. This ...

28th September 2010

Why professional Internet video production is essential

It seems anyone can be a moviemaker these days. The popularity of video sharing websites such as YouTube, and the advancement of digital video technology, have made it much easier and quicker for us to shoot, produce and upload our videos online. The u...

12th August 2010

What is pack shot photography?

Retail and commerce companies in Yorkshire use pack shot photography extensively to promote their products and services, both online and in printed literature. The term has become synonymous with commercial photography for advertisers. A pack shot, or ...

03rd August 2010

How to Become a Commercial Photographer

Commercial photography is a dynamic and creative profession which covers many areas. However, to be successful you need drive, enthusiasm and investment of both time and money. It helps if you specialise in a certain area, for example advertising or weddi...

21st June 2010

Techniques used by commercial photographers

Commercial photography is one of those careers where a skilful portfolio is more important than academic qualifications. There are a large number of commercial photographers across the UK, covering shoots for both corporate and private clients. A comm...