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22nd December 2009

The Biggest News of 2005

As yet another New Year dawns, it is time for us to look back on 2005 and view from the outside all that happened. There were joys, triumphs, and tears. That everything that happens is a learning experience is quite true. Among the many occurrences o...

22nd December 2009

Nine Things You Can Do to Help Out in a Disaster

Several of the largest natural disasters have occurred recently. These include the earthquake and tsunami in South East Asia and Hurricane Katrina in the Southern United States. Thousands of disasters occur every year. They all don't affect thousands of p...

22nd December 2009

How to Get Divorced Quickly

A long and protracted divorce or matrimonial litigation is a great harassment to the parties of the dispute. Without a proper plan, many people commit mistake when getting divorced and ultimately fail and suffer serious stressful situation. Many people, a...

22nd December 2009

Poor and Homeless in America

With the rare exception of a special report produced by educational television channels and shown sandwiched between reruns late at night, we seldom see the faces of America's enormous homeless population. They live their street lives in decaying downtown...

22nd December 2009

Immigration and the Reality of the Labor Market

The root of the current crisis of undocumented immigration is a fundamental disconnect between today's economic and labor market realities and an outdated system of legal immigration. Undocumented immigration is driven in large part by a U.S. labor mar...