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WHAT is a business service phone provider? Actually, there are two kinds of business service phone providers in North America which are mostly situated here in the United States. The first kind is the old one which has been in existence since the turn of the 1900s. The second one emerged after the Internet was discovered and developed.

One example of the first kind is AT&T. It has adapted to modern telecommunications technologies from time immemorial. During its infancy, it used to offer services such as telegrams only. With the development of the Internet in the mid 90s, they have to evolve so they can compete with the mushrooming new companies.

One of those new companies is Verizon. It has held its ground and has competed along with AT&T since 2000. Because of this very stiff competition, it makes having a business service phone provider outsmarting each other in terms of pricing and quality of products and services. Competition results to a great advantage on the part of the users.

Business service phone providers have this pride on which company tops periodic customer satisfaction survey released by Nielsen. Another indication could be the number of irate calls received by both the customer service and technical support departments. Because of stiff competition, business service phone providers usually outsource their customer service and technical support departments to such countries as the Philippines, Nicaragua, New Zealand and India.

Business service phone providers likewise outsmart each other in terms of pricing. There are lots of discounts obtainable if you are a customer. There are promo codes offered in each holiday such as the start of spring break, Black Friday, May Day, Thanksgiving, Independence Day or Memorial Weekend. There are also bundled products such as VoIP bundled with a T1 connection; or a T1 connection bundled with enterprise hosting.

Business service has evolved from merely an analog conventional phone to a voice over Internet protocol or VoIP. VoIP still uses a phone but the connection is hooked through your existing T1 or DSL connection so you don’t need to shell out for long distance costs. And this is true not just from state to state but is also applicable to 23 countries. You will also get crystal clear voice on the other end with a reliable business service phone provider. So what are you waiting for? Get hooked with a business phone service today so your business will blossom.


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