ATA Device is going to be the new leader

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VoIP industry is stepping ahead with a faster pace by adding some spectacular features to it. The few disadvantages which kept hanging on the surface are very well handled by these additional features. The new add on called ATA Device or Analog Telephone Adapter is too good to be missed.

ATA device works as an interface between PSTN traditional telephone and VoIP services. It combines together the oriental and the western technology leading to a new invention all together. Therefore, it has the benefits of both East as well as West. By connecting local area connection to the phone system, it multi folds the list of its benefits.

Since the ATA Device is a merger of VoIP system and traditional phone, it has two outlets for each of the connection. To enable the conversion of voice signals, the ATA links the VoIP service provider with different internet protocol languages. These are further handled by the codec. This procedure makes the need of software installation unnecessary. The communication exchange is much easier with this.

Almost all the protocols of VoIP are supported by the ATA device. The more the protocols, the better is the sound quality of the PC to phone calls. In most of the cases, there is availability of the LAN connection such as RJ-45 port and RJ-11 port for both telephone and VoIP system.

There is difference between each model. Some models have USB ports which can be easily connected to the computers and other digital devices. Others, with the latest technology inserted in them, also allow for the call switching between PSTN and VoIP technology. This means that you can decide when to make a VoIP call r when do you want to switch off to normal call. It is more awesome than what it sounds.

Till now, I have mentioned the major features of the ATA Device. Other minor benefits include caller ID, call transferring, call forwarding, call conferencing and call waiting options. The new versions also include the feature of three way conferencing which allows the user to talk to multiple personsí simultaneously. This feature has been added taking into consideration the business situations. There are times when there is need of discussion on a particular issue. ATA Device are perfect solutions to such situations.

The most crucial advantage of this feature is the fact that it takes on the power failures very easily. Any moment your power supply is off, the ATA Device will automatically switch on to the PSTN line thus allowing no call disruptions. To escalate the level of voice quality, there are digital signal processing.

With so many benefits, there is no chance that it wonít gain popularity amongst people. Sooner or later, it would take is permanent place in the communication industry.

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