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Burlap as a cloth does not just limit its use as sack bag for potatoes and other harvest anymore. Burlap as any artist can attest is an art cloth. And its importance and practical as well as artistic usage cannot be underestimated anymore. We have seen wall paintings that are oil or acrylic on burlap. Why not? Burlap gives a certain effect that no material like canvas can satisfy.

Other artworks made of burlap can be viewed in the internet. Those who buy art online can be familiar with burlap. This is not just used as wall art but other handcrafts like rack displays, 'say stuffed bunnies made out of it or photos which frames are wrapped in burlap and many other more. And it is not just online or small pieces of artworks for sale that we see online which made use of this cloth or fabric. When we visit grand events like dinner party or even wedding, we can have a good encounter with it too. Why not? It can be set just in front of us as a table sheet in the dining hall. It is just funny when an event organizer or interior designer try to polish more the look of burlap like making its weave pattern to look more smaller and or making the patter to look more even or more so trying to refine its texture by smoothing its surface. If that is the case, better choose something else.

The loose thread of the burlap and its coarse texture is part of it. Changing anything from what it really is will only tell that the person is not using this piece with confidence. If that is the case, do not expect the outcome,' say Asian art or European to be at its best if the artist itself doubts the materials he used. The texture and quality of Burlap can be underestimated or disrespected if its effect and its quality is not originally what was desired. Many visual artists whose expertise is wall painting opt for burlap for certain masterpiece because the effect of this cloth on the concept that plays in the mind of the artist is what is exactly visualized prior to creating the artwork.

So if you choose burlap as your dining sheet or table cloth, make sure its effect on the overall theme is what will satisfy the general look of the space or ambiance. This can be very good in garden wedding or backyard or lawn event. Put more greens and more colourful flowers plus burlap as accent in every angle and you'll have an artistic piece of work. Burlap does not necessarily be equated to wall painting and to its extreme as a potato bag.

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