Are You Still Looking For 800 Telephone Numbers?

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800 telephone numbers are toll-free numbers. This means that if the telephone number starts with 800, 888, 877 or 866, you can call such number without being charged for the call. If you want the latest information on these numbers, read this article.

800 telephone numbers are toll-free numbers. This means that if the telephone number starts with 800, 888, 877 or 866, you can call such number without being charged for the call. The charge is being shouldered by the party or individual who owns that number. Toll-free numbers can be dialed directly from your personal telephone line, mobile phone or office phone.

Most business establishments use toll-free numbers so that their clients and prospects can reach them without being troubled by additional expenses. This number is particularly common in customer service and telemarketing. Telephone companies provide a way for businesses and customers to have an effective communication.

Besides businesses, even private parties can benefit from toll-free numbers. Parents can subscribe to a toll-free number so their children can still contact them when they are away studying or when they are out of town for whatever reason. With 800 telephone numbers, students can always call home free.

Although the toll free numbers are free codes, they are not interchangeable. This means that a number assigned with a code of 800 cannot be interchanged with 888, 877 or 866 as each number is routed to a specific local telephone number. For example, 1-800-987-6543 is different from 1-888-987-6543.

If you wish to know the toll-free number of a party or business establishment, you can call the toll-free directory assistance in your local area. However, just like all telephone numbers from different networks, the subscriber or owner of the toll-free number reserves the right not to have his number listed on the directory. Hence, you cannot expect that the toll-free you wish to obtain is always available, particularly if it belongs to a private party or person.

If you wish to obtain a toll-free number, you have to reserve for it with entities that are toll-free service providers. They may not necessarily be telephone network companies, as long as they have access to the SMS/800 database. If the number you wish to be your toll-free is not available, you will be assigned with another.

The SMS/800 database contains information about the status of all toll-free numbers registered in your country. The toll-free service providers must be a member of a Responsible Organization or RespOrgs. The SMS/800 database administrator certifies the RespOrgs, and manages the toll-free service. So, if you wish to have your own toll-free number, you only have to contact any RespOrg.

Generally, the RespOrgs are the ones that assign the toll free numbers. But you can always customize the number if you want. The price for customized number is always higher than the ones randomly selected by the RespOrgs.

In customizing an 800 telephone numbers, the most common rule is to spell out your name or your company’s name after the toll-free code. This method of customization is called Vanity. A Vanity number spells out your name or your company’s or any name for that matter. A few examples are 1-800-NEW-HOUSE or 1-877-E-MARKETING. You can also get the Vanity number from any RespOrg.

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