Anti-aging facial mesotherapy

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The mesotherapy refers to the application of various substances into the skin , in general this treatment it is often confused with massage therapy, but they are two different things because the latter is a massage technique.

The facial mesotherapy is applied initially at a rate of one week is enough and after one session a month. Sometimes only 3 sessions are enough to achieve the desired result, the number of injections depends on the extent of the treatment area.

The mesotrerapia is a technique that involves a perfect combination of active ingredients that give excellent results, but to avoid complications and infections is important to be done by a professional.

One thing to note is that the treatment produces papules on the face that are similar to a mosquito bites, which last a few hours after the procedure.
The main substances used in mesotherapy are:

* Hyaluronic acid: it is a polymer that occurs naturally in the body, found in various tissues and skin. This substance has the ability to retain water molecules so that the skin provides an extremely healthy. This system is generally used to fill grooves and lips.

* DNA particles: they are used to improve the firmness of the skin.

* Metilsilanetriol: increasing the thickness and the skin's ability to retain moisture.

* Diethylaminoethanol: it is used to combat skin aging, stabilizers and antioxidants effects of cell plasma membrane, which protects against the damage that carry the free radicals . This substance has a firming action and tension in the short and long term.

* Argirilina: it is used to smooth wrinkles.

Treatments to rejuvenate the lips

The lips are an important part of the sensuality of a woman, so beautiful and keeping them healthy is important for all. They consist of muscle which is covered by subcutaneous tissue and protected by a delicate skin . The passage of time also exerts its effects in the mouth, lips dry out, lose thickness and drying, in addition to the gestures of speech that are causing marks on them, bad habits and sun exposure also undermine the lips .

A young person has the much more fleshy lips and toned, this is a good amount of collagen they have, but over time this will decrease and so the mouth is thin, wrinkles and lines are drawn in outline.

Fortunately, thanks to medical advances in the field of aesthetics, it is possible today to rejuvenate the mouth with lots of treatments specific to each need. The thickening of the mouth is one of the most requested because the lips are much more sensual and compelling. Doctors seek optimal results filling, while attempts to maintain respect for the proportions of the face.

On the physiology that your mouth, you need specific treatments and subtle, for example, most of the fillers used in the rest of the face tend to degrade very quickly on the lips. Early interventions that are performed with absorbable substances, so that if the result is excessive, in a few months the substance is degraded and the lips acquire their natural appearance. Significantly, it is better to have to add more fill in later sessions, you need to remove an excess that distorts our face.

Resorbable fillers are collagen and hyaluronic acid , the latter being that lasts longer, it also fully hydrated mouth and have organized collagen. There are landfills where the active compound itself has a three-dimensional matrix of hyaluronic acid, these are the most innovative and offer better acid retention by ensuring adequate volume and fluffiness very similar to the natural lip.

The fillers that are long lasting are made ??with silicone and poly methyl methacrylate , these types of fillings are the most lasting but when making the decision to make should be borne in mind that over time the face will show the effects of years while the mouth will remain intact, so it must have the resources to make appropriate alterations and ensure harmony in the face.

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