Anthony Robbins about Live: - He Just Gets Better & Better

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I have been following Anthony Robbins for about 18 years or so now, with his books and in my time, cassette tapes. It was not until last year in May I decided to see him live in London to determine whether this peak performance coach was as good as his tapes. I came away from that event under no illusion that this man was the master of motivation. His skills and relationship with the audience was extraordinary. Within 10 days I had lost a stone and within 5 months I had left my full time job of 19 years to full fill my own destiny and my own business consultancy.
His return date to London was February 2006, so I decided to recharge my batteries and see if this Anthony Robbins was as good the second time around. After all, this time there were going to be no surprises, as I knew what was coming.
The astonishing thing was that even though I now knew the programme of events it came across totally different. I was sitting next to new friends with different challenges; I had also brought my wife this time. Because there is so much audience interaction and new questions were being asked and new problems were being dealt with and my situation had changed since the first time, I found myself going through a totally different leaning experience to the first event. It fact it was almost as though I had not been there before, although it has to be true that I opened up quicker to those around me the second time.

Anthony Robbins has a mass of energy, he comes on stage at around 9.00am on the Saturday and with only 30 minutes break is still there at 9.45pm. Sunday is even harder, starts at 9.00am and finishes at 11.45pm with only 30 minutes break all day. This is after the Friday where nearly 10,000 people do the fire walk over hot coals at 1200 to 2000 degrees. The last day is the Monday, which is a bit more relaxed. It talks about nutrition and energy and is hosted by Tony's trainer Joseph. At 52 years old he looks about 30, and gives his all. At about 5,30pm it is all over and just like last year I got in my car for the 4-hour drive home and now I can't remember a thing about the trip. My mind is going over my goals and what I can do, what I must do and my energy levels and on and on and on etc. My wife has the whole family eating healthy foods, that exercise machine that we used to hang our clothes on has never been used so much as Tony now has a new fan. I have 10 new phone numbers and email addresses from extraordinary people literary from around the world, as there were participants' from 45 countries there this time. I came to the conclusion that Tony Robbins does not do the same seminar over and over again. Each seminar is different even though on paper it appears to be the same. I now know why many people go and see him time and time again. He adapts it to suit the audience and adds new leanings and new ideas as he himself grows and learns. There is doubt in my mind that Anthony Robbins just gets better and better.

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