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For the last few years I have owned a company that makes fruit juices, smoothies and soups. Itís always been a competitive market to be in so last year weíve really started to push the boat in terms of our advertising and marketing. Amongst other marketing techniques, such as a social network viral campaign, promoting our website and more traditional forms advertising, we have had a cartoon made with different fruit and vegetable characters. It was the idea of my business partner who knew somebody else who had used an animation company to promote their business. It really was a great idea to contact the animation company, the cartoon that we have on our website and our social network page really captivates the audience. The animation company suggested a humorous cartoon as it people would go back to it and tell their friends to look at it.

The animation company could not have been more right, we have had so many hits that we just canít believe. It has had a real snowball effect that just keeps growing and growing, so much so that we have now commissioned a whole series of cartoons spread out over the year from the animation company so that our potential customers keep coming back to see what we come up with next. When the animation company first put to us their ideas, I was a little sceptical at first, but now Iím so pleased we went down that route, it really has given us an advantage over our competitors.

The animation company that we used is called, and I really donít think you could do better with any other company. If you check out their website you will see that they have a wide variety of options to suit whatever it is that business needs, and as an animation company they can help guide you through all of the different options. In conclusion I would say that as far as the different marketing techniques that we have used in the last couple of years, using an animation company has been the best by far, and I would highly recommend that you go to the same firm that I used and see if they can help your company get an advantage over your business rivals. is an animation company that can provide you with a great animation from our animation studios at an exceptional quality. See our website for more information.

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