Android Phones Accounted for 48% of the Global Smartphone Market Share

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Market research firm Canalys data disclosed on Monday, Android phone has occupied the global smartphone market share of nearly 50%, and in the Asia Pacific market is dominant.

Google's 2005 acquisition of Android, 2008 into the mobile platform. Present, including HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung, including the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers are using this operating system.

To Canalys data, Android phones accounted for 48% of the global smartphone market share. 56 countries participating in the survey, Android platform, ranked first in 35 countries.

In contrast, the last quarter sold 20.3 million of Apple's iPhone accounted for 19% of the global smartphone market share, far behind Android. However, the company has replaced the decline of Nokia, the world's largest smartphone vendors.

Samsung is also beyond Nokia, but that the company had Canalys can do better. Canalys analyst Chris Jones (Chris Jones) said: "Nokia is going through a challenging transition period, Samsung has failed to fully grasp the company's opportunity in the global passive it most have the ability to grab the Nokia's market share to the scale and use their channels, but it failed to make full use of this advantage, especially in emerging markets. "

Samsung's production and carry their own Android smartphone operating system developed by Bada intelligent machine. The company last quarter shipments of approximately 17 million, an increase of 421%.

However, Android's success has given Google and Android handset makers to bring trouble. Oracle said the lawsuit was launched Android operating system, alleged violations of patents, while the Android handset makers are facing Apple and Microsoft in the indictment.

Microsoft currently only account for 1% of the global smartphone market share. Part of the company's Android mobile phone manufacturers from charging a small licensing fee, and now this technology giants hope to get more revenue.

Last month, Apple, Microsoft and RIM jointly bid for three other Canadian telecommunications company Nortel Networks equipment manufacturer of thousands of patents, the successful bidder for the final victory over Google. So Google may pay huge royalties. However, this victory may face legal obstacles.

According to informed sources, the U.S. Justice Department is stepping up its investigation Apple, Microsoft and RIM will use when a large number of patents acquired by new entrants in the competition with the Android smartphone to gain an unfair advantage.

On the other hand, this patent from the losing battle of Google is working with the U.S. wireless chip technology vendor InterDigital negotiations, hoping to expand the patent reserves.

InterDigita revenues of $ 395 million last year, market capitalization of $ 3.11 billion. The company said this week that is evaluating a number of strategic alternatives, including sale of the company or their patent

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