An SMS Worth a Thousand Words!

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A Birthday is a special day and birthday wishes make it more special. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated and this involves a lot of preparation and a substantial flow of money. This is the day when special feelings can be expressed in the form of gifts and cards. But today with the advent of technology, these feelings are being delivered via text messages. Thus, what is a better way to wish your tech savvy friend than sending a birthday SMS.

Such an SMS is definitely worth a thousand words, as it expresses special feelings when you are far away from your loved one and not in a position to exchange gifts. A birthday SMS can be a special prayer for the loved one. It can be a cheerful message to lighten up the day with your SMS by bringing smiles across the miles. However, when sending a birthday SMS it is advisable to consider the persons preferences and age. The Birthday message must be personalized so that the person will be able to cherish the message. One can get creative and add a favorite color, or a theme or animations to make the birthday SMS more likeable.

A Birthday SMS should be attractive and catchy too. It can be very humorous to make the recipient laugh out loud. A birthday message has to be brief, as it must not occupy too much memory on the mobile phone, and allow the reader enough time to read other messages too. The best time to send a birthday message can be a night before the birthday, early in the morning or late on the same day. In other words, anytime, is the best time to send a birthday message. One can also send a belated birthday message if you have missed the mark.

Text messaging with the use of mobile phones has become very popular today. In fact, according to a survey, on an average, people spend 3 hours and 45 minutes sending text messages on the cell phones regularly. Apart from sending text messages one can play games and talk on the mobile phones. Text messaging is a discreet and convenient means of communication, which is cost effective and saves time too. This is discreet as it allows you to send across your latest musings without intruding the person's privacy. A Birthday text message is very effective as a birthday message. Thus with a birthday message that is short and crispy, with a cute smiley or picture is the best way to greet someone special in a high tech way.

One can also make good use of the multilingual features of text messages and send your birthday message in any language like French, Italian, Russian and so forth. Also what better way to celebrate your birthday than a birthday SMS with a birthday jingle!

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