All Cabbage Soup Recipes Let You Perform Art With Cooking

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The Cabbage Soup Diet sounds like it's just eating cabbage soup. It's really more than soup. The soup is just a filler. You can eat all the cabbage soup you want, but you eat other food too. The cabbage soup makes for a filling ingredient that makes it so you can stay full all during the time you are on the plan. For each of seven days you eat something different other than the soup. You can also eat all the soup you want at any time and thus it's a way to avoid the feeling of starvation and hunger. You can lose about ten pounds in a week.

Certainly not any kind of long-term eating plan, the diet is just one way to drop a few pounds in a big hurry. Like most diets this will not result in real weight lasting loss unless you follow a few guidelines. What must happen to get real weight loss is habits must change. A long-term program for weight loss means changing lifestyle. The beauty of a plan like this is that you can actually see the scales move almost before your very eyes. That may be some motivation to make the other changes to put yourself on a real long-term sustainable weight loss and fitness plan.

Soup making is sort of an art anyway. You can make soup using what you have. So a recipe is just a starting point. Actually soup recipes just invite substitutions. That way your soup becomes unique. Here's a basic recipe that's used as part of the Cabbage Soup Diet. Spice it up and add or subtract whatever you like.

Example Cabbage Soup Recipe

1 large head cabbage
1 large celery bunch
2 bunches green onions
1 large can whole tomatoes
2 cans of chicken broth (13 oz)
3 large bell peppers
salt and pepper to taste

Clean all the vegetables, slice, chop and add in to a large pot. Add whole tomato, chicken broth and then cook on low heat for 15 minutes or until vegetables are tender.

Cabbage soup is cheap but can be tasty too. It's a staple of rural living people in many parts of the world, and those people are often eating better than the rich folks. The cabbage in this plan is mostly a filler but then again cabbage is a nutritious part of a diet as well and one that can be tasty as well as nutritious and filling. All cabbage soup recipes are a place to start. The art to soups is combining ingredients so soup becomes yours. It's really a matter of using what you have in a way that looks and tastes good and makes the soup a welcome addition to the meals, not something that is bland and somewhat tasteless.

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