Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple I Phone 4 Deals

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Benefits and misses are 2 sides of a coin, but many a times the brighter side is so well marketed that you come to know of the other side only after you have bought the product. With unlimited aspects of thinking, it is a myth that some products just don’t have cons associated with it. You are paying a good sum for your new mobile phone, so it is recommended not only to know but understand the scope of all the aspects (at least the important ones).

“Every masterpiece will be either replaced by a next level work of art or the public’s point of interest will be improved,” goes a nice saying. Now, let us turn this discussion to a debate, a point to point comparison. Most of the important characters of the I phone story are taken into consideration to highlight the hits and misses.

Let us start with the benefits of the newest, yet the brightest kid on the block of smart phones.
• Starting with the physical aspects, the waist line of the smart phone is very slim at only 9.3 mm. This makes it easy to carry and there is something special about slim, thinner cubes of technology.

• Accelerometer, three-axis gyro sensor and proximity sensor come wrapped with it.
• The audio output quality is one of the best in the history of mobile technology. Excellent audio quality has advantages in terms of music, games, applications etc.
• With 1 GHz SoC (Apple A4) and 512 MB of RAM capacity, apple I phone 4 contract deals make for a small but fast computer. You will actually feel that you are using a net book.
• There is nothing much to be said about the excellent fingerprint resistant coating and scratch resistant glass (both front and rear).
• iPhone 4 Deals provide a better noise cancellation aspect.
• A dedicated secondary microphone is an add-on.
• Lastly, the application store is rich in variety and usefulness.

Now let us check the flip side, or we can say factors on which the company can improve.
• Apple iphone 4 has some reception issues, to the point that the call can drop if the device is held in some positions.
• No FM radio and stereo speakers are absent, along with no microSD card slot (it has MicroSIM card support though) and no smart dialing functionality

• Camera could have a hardware shutter key
• Loudspeaker performance is something which could have been better.
• Lastly, file transfer is not possible over popular platforms of Bluetooth and USB mass storage.

So, now people who are to buy Apple iphone 4 contracts in UK, USA, Asia and other parts of world need to judge all the aspects before they put their money.

Niamh Palmer is a professional writer, presently writing for Mobile Phone Deals and Blackberry Mobile Phones offering All Mobile Phone.

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