A “Window” To The World

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A Window mobile is an utter necessity among people craving for high response mobile software. Like HTC Windows phone, there are several mobile gadgets where Windows mobile software is used. Microsoft developed its maiden Windows mobile phone software in the year 2000-01. Since then, it has launched more than 9 versions of the Window mobile program. The Pocket PC 2000 was the first operating system in which Microsoft used software almost identical to that of Windows mobile. Earlier, the Windows mobile phone software was used for only smart phones like HTC Windows phone, but now, it is sold to specific companies and special markets. Although, Window mobile software is sold exclusively to mobile handset companies, yet, it is still the most bought gadget in the US and Africa.

If studied deeply about the technology behind Windows mobile phone sets, one would get to know interesting details. The last version 6.5 is made from 5.2 kernel (Windows CE). And, Microsoft has allowed third party interference in software development for all applications and handsets. The latest HTC Windows phone software will be seen as a collective effort of Microsoft and a third party company. What more, the new Windows mobile phone platform, Windows 7 is released and with all latest features and handsets. And, the latest version, Windows 7 uses Microsoft Office 10 applications and programs. People generally prefer a Windows mobile phone due to the fact that the software response instantly to and supports virtually every software in the market.

The amazing home screen of Windows 7 will blow the user’s mind away. HTC windows phone which is enabled by Windows 7 is an absolute treat to the ‘touch’ senses. HTC is one company that stuck with Windows mobile phone applications and programs, because of which a huge chunk of profit regularly comes its way. Between Enterprise users, Windows mobile software shares 25% market in the US. A Windows mobile handset is bought every 4 minute in popular IT markets. Growing demand of Windows enabled mobile phones can only suggest the percentage of market that would be captured by Microsoft and its partner mobile companies. This gadget is certainly taking the world by storm and inserting latest features into its applications is proving noteworthy.

The Windows phone website is currently the most visited online portal in Europe under the gadget section. More than 150 handset companies have contracts with Microsoft for using Window mobile platform on their respective handsets. Microsoft daily gets lakhs of formal requests for new mobile phone software. An HTC Windows phone is fully dedicated to using the Windows platform and hence, remains a favorite among Microsoft and the masses. Windows has tremendously contributed to enhancement of businesses and communication mediums across the globe. It is a brand in itself which is accepted universally and in more generic sense. The next time an individual buys a Windows mobile at any remote part of the world, he would be opening his “Window” to the world.

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