A true artist’s is gifted from heaven

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We may not be aware that there are millions of visual artists who want to be known. And when we say artists, these are gifted children of heaven, so to speak. Painting can be learned just like dancing and singing can be trained. But there are raw talents that are just needed to be tapped and even without back up and publicity, it will shine in due time.

There are websites that we can see in the internet that feature artists and their artworks. An art lover can buy art online directly from these sites. And when you check on the artworks posted, chances are you need to spend a few more days to finally make a final decision of your purchase. This is because of the many choices that are equally brilliant. Meaning to say with the high level of competition entails a great number of gifted artists that do not earn from their remarkable talents. It does not mean that the others are more talented but because artworks are almost of the same high quality, buyers can just pick anything based from their first glance.

Based from this, it is very hard to discern whether your innate talent is something that will give your fortune or it will just remain a hobby that you can use to escape from stressful reality.
Artworks for sale – be it online or in physical store are pricey. These works are not crafted from education or training but from innate spiritual gifts. No education can hone a talent that is not existing in the first place. And because these gifts are inborn, continuous showcase of it will take an artist to something he is destined to go. It may not be financially but gifts innate to people are means to his greatness. And this should not be forced. This is what God will use for his plan for the person. With this in mind, “giving up” on your talent in times that it is not being productive is not an option. Your artworks for sale may not be hitting big time but aside from it will soon will, it will open many doors for you to enjoy and succeed.

With Asian art alone are tons of forms and styles. Asian artists almost share the same stroke, influence, inspiration, and culture to depict but the manner of seeing all these is based on personal characteristic and values will make one stand out from the rest.

What characteristic can delineate a talent that is innate from that is acquired? It is nothing but passion and passion is seen from the finished product of labor. An acquired talent may be exciting initially but its passion dies down so soon while with raw or innate gift, it is a hobby that a person cannot just discard from his system.

The author, Shannon, is the co-founder of Artyii, an online sale platform of Asian emerging artists. He specializes in acquiring quality wall paintings at good prices for art lovers worldwide. He has also assisted those who were looking for artwork for sale and those who loved to buy art online.

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