A Review Of The Philips 32PFL9705/12

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Let's take a moment to dive deep into the inner workings of the new Philips 32PFL9705H. Many of the features that you've grown to love are included with this spectacular telly: including a 200 HZ LCD Display, Ambilight Spectra 3, and one of the best sound systems on the market. However, the asking price is quite high for a 32-inch television so the question is, is the Philips 32PFL9705H worth the extra money? Let's try and answer that question now.

Ambilight Spectra 3D

This patented technology delivered straight from Phillips brings the 32PFL9705 to life with an amazingly crisp, and large picture. The way it works is with state-of-the-art technology that automatically adjusts the color and brightness of the picture, allowing it to deliver your eyes a perfect image. The picture quite literally comes to live!

1080 HD Capability

An amazing HD engine brings the Phillips 32PFL9705 to life with some of the most brilliant and unmatched sharp and crisp pictures on the market. The maximum output of 1920 by 1080p is spread across 32-inches of magic. This type of picture is made possible by matching surrounding pixels and grouping them in a brilliant way, resulting in the most vivid picture possible. The point is that you get to enjoy movies and sports at their best with this technology. If you enjoy great quality imagery, then you are sure to enjoy both the Ambilight Spectra feature as well as the HD capability of the Phillips 32PFL9705.

200 Hz LCD Display

An extremely fast response rate of 1ms is made possible by the spectacular 200 Hz display. This equates into a much more rapid ability to change scenes, resulting in perfect action scenes.

More Bang for Your Buck

The picture isn't the only impressive feature of the Phillips 32PFL9705. An unmatched sound system comes equipped on this powerful television. An innovative, yet useful sub-woofer is built in on the back of this television, giving it much more low end sound. It packs a punch while still maintaining perfect sound quality for dialogue.

Over Simplified Remote Control

One of the flaws of this television is the remote control. Although the initial setup is a breeze with installation wizards leading the way, the navigation system is a bit over simplified. Philips seems to crave a sleek look over navigation and eliminated many useful buttons in favor of a better look. So now some of the easily accessible options you've grown accustomed to are now a bit harder to access. One example is that users have to navigate several menus just to find information about a show they're watching.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

So now we must answer the question, is the Philips 32PFL9705H worth the money? Although the normal price is high when compared to other televisions of the same size, it does possess far better features. Although the price may seem a bit high for a 32-inch television, the innovative features make it well worth the price. With only one flaw, the rest of the Philips 32PFL9705H is breathtaking. Overall, you may just have to spend the extra money is you want these features. It's probably best to go ahead and get it.

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